Casual Date Night – Day 81

I have been doing odd bits and bobs all day to make my daughters birthday this weekend happen! The party has changed from a simple idea to something more not so simple, sparking my creative DIY side which does not come out too often.

The party aside, hubby and I thought we should give ourselves a little break and head out on a casual date night (MIL baby sitting) to the movies and maybe even a drink. I guess we’ll see how we go. Its Friday and this is a very rare occasion so I am extremely excited. I am also basically wearing the same outfit that I have worn all day because I can’t be bothered changing.

My only style tip, is that you can wear bike shorts under your short shorts just as I have done with this outfit. It is barely noticeable and that way if your denim shorts ride up, its still keeping you nice and modest.

These pics were snapped before heading out. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know we will. 

Trendy Momma xxx


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