Quick and Easy Guide to Making Vegetable Curry

Hi everyone

I love making curry for the family as it’s quick, easy and tasty. For lunch today, I made hubby and I some vegetable curry which I can have again for lunch tomorrow and even enough to freeze for later down the week when I am too busy to cook.

I am certainly no pro at cooking curries so I tend to use curry paste from a jar and add in some extra bay leaves, pepper, agave nectar and galangal. For extra creaminess, I also  add in some coconut milk.

To serve, I just spoon some of the curry over brown rice and top it with some fresh coriander and roughly chopped almonds. Voila!

Since I am the only one in my immediate and extended family that is vegetarian, I tend to get asked how do you do it? Does that mean your husband and baby is vegetarian as well? So what do you eat?. Well peoples, you will be surprised how easy it really all is and what kinds of delicious foods I really do eat. This curry dish is one of many and whats great about curries is that I can easily add in meat for hubby. All I need to do is set some aside in a separate pot for me and then add the meat in the portion for him while its cooking.

You are very welcomed to message me for further information on this dish.


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