Green is Good

Hello and good evening

Greens and salads have changed from being a side dish to a main dish in our household. Whereas meat has become the side dish. This wasn’t an easy lifestyle adjustment at first. However overtime since I was the cook, making something that satisfied both hubby and I became easier and as hubby’s cholesterol dramatically dropped in a matter of months it just worked.

My commitment to stay a healthy vegetarian has motivated me to experiment with different combinations of fruit and vegies for my salad creations. I confess they don’t all work but this one does. My new love for coconut butter, which I sprinkled over the top of tonights salad is amazing. I must add, I have never used coconut butter in salads before and was surprised that it was crumbly in texture rather than spreadable. It’s just delicious and I recommend if you have yet to try it.

Whats in the salad?
Pumpkin seeds
Figs from the garden
Organic coconut butter

Dressed with olive oil, organic agave nectar & organic apple cider vinegar.

So simple yet sooo damn good.



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