The Price on What You Eat…

Hello gorgeous

I made a trip to my local Wholefoods store today and splurged on 1 green bag full of both organic and vegan groceries. It totalled to a smidge over $170. Ouch!

Not everything I eat is organic although organic is my preferance. I am prepared to pay the price if it means a healthy and cruelty free dietary intake. It also helps that I have the luxury to do so. That said the price of organic isn’t in fact much more than what I pay at the supermarkets.

The groceries I purchased are just divine and included quinoa, goji berries, coconut butter, dried blueberries, chia bran and more.

I did however question ‘how good is it really if its all packaged and canned?’ So I did some research on organic packaged foods and look what I found.

I haven’t really been able to come across any evidence to suggest that because organic food is packaged that it is any less good for you. But lets just say if I wasn’t for convenience I would be making my own cashew butter rather than buying it.



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