Hello lovely people

Since having my little girl (now 1 years old), I have done a fair amount of travelling (interstate  & overseas).

When she was 7.5 months old we had a short family getaway to Hong Kong and at the time I had aimed to pack light. However, at that stage, food and formula had been introduced so when you add that to the baggage, packing light was impossible.

From my personal experience, aside from all the essentials, I wanted to share with you my top 4 items to bring when travelling with a baby.

1. Before our HK travels, I purchased an Anywhere Chair which I still use til this day when we eat out. It’s compact, light, adjustable, easy to clean and straps on to most chairs. I LOVE THIS ITEM!

2. At this age, it was really easy to just strap her on to us in an Ergo baby carrier when we were out and about. The carrier is compact and you can easily strap it on to your carry-on luggage.

3. With formula, comes the tin, bottles, steriliser and washing detergent. To make our life easier I just purchased a heap of Nan Ready to Drink packs. Simple pour, drink & dispose the carton! No mixing, no canisters, no fuss. If your baby likes the milk warm just like our girl does, we had no problem getting access to hot water on the plane, in cafes and in the hotel. Yes your luggage was filled with beverages on the way there but it was consumed by the time we come back. You can purchase these Ready to Drink cartons in different brands and for different stages (1,2 &3) from your local Coles and Woolies.

4. This now leads to bottles. I must say, being all for convenience, I contemplated purchasing disposable bottles so that I wouldn’t have to fuss with the washing up and sterilising. I ended up purchasing the Coles brand bottles which are cheaper than disposables, and you can keep them should you wish to after your travels. Also, depending on where you stay, washing detergent, a bucket to place your bottles in and a kettle to boil your water for sterilising was readily available from the Hotel.

So these are it.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you found this post most useful.



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