Ever since I purchased this vintage royal blue blouse (many years ago) I have been absolutely dieing to wear it! I never knew what to wear with it though or how to wear it so it fell in the too hard basket of clothes.

Today I have worn it over a black fitted top for some warmth and coverage then sort of crossed the front over and tucked it in my trousers. The colour and uniqueness of this blouse is so good it seriously takes the clumsy out of how I have worn it.

I will be stashing this blouse in next weeks hit list and wearing it some other way. Always room for improvement. So much potential in this top and I can’t wait to experiment some more.

Thanks for reading and cheers to wrapping up the working week.

Outfit breakdown
Black top Royal blue and silver blouse(vintage) | Navy trousers by Zara | Black pumps by Zara | Vintage bag | Black coat



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