Hello there gorgeous,

Although my style does lean more towards the casual side, I am not one for a particular sense of style. My outfits are generally based on my mood and how I am feeling which is why the clothing in my wardrobe is so diverse from glam to rock. I do now find that this hairstyle does bring a whole lot of edginess to what I do wear so it’s tricky to look completely conservative at work but I don’t mind it.

Today’s outfit was simply layered for our gorgeous Autumn weather. I am covered in solid colours and have added in my leopard print booties and vintage 70’s handbag to make the outfit a touch more interesting.

Since I have hardly given any love to these gorgeous leopard print booties, I have decided to make it my centrepiece for the entire working week. Make sure you check in daily for updates.

Outfit breakdown
Long sleeve black top
Blue dress by Modcloth
Dark green coat by Modcloth
Brown braided belt by Modcloth
Leopard print booties by asos still available here
Black vintage handbag

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