It happens to be racing season here in Melbourne. Quite the beautiful sight when you see all the ladies and gents dressed up for one of the most looked forward too events of the year.


Im wearing: Dress by Witchery | Hat (Gift from friends) | Sandals (Unkwown brand)
Squirt is wearing: Dress by Pumpkin Patch | Shoes and hat by Best & Less

Hats4Hats Hats1

SInce I hadn’t headed to the races in a couple of years, I wanted to still get in on the dressing up so thats what the family and I did. On went the dresses and out came the wide brim hats on Derby day. We pranced around the yard in our gear, had a picnic and little play. Its so much fun and this time, I didn’t have to deal with the over crowded grounds and drunken people.


Do you love the races and fashion that comes with it? If so, don’t let kids come in between having a little fun….just have fun with them.

Thanks for reading all and have a great weekend.

Sovanny xx


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