Hello hello

It’s been 316 days since I have updated my wardrobe with any new piece of clothing. I am amazed with myself because the me last year didn’t know how to keep her wallet closed.

This year has been about creating my own sense of style with a wardrobe full of old clothes. What I’ve called my contribution in minimising the environmental impact on my part. With this experience I’ve descovered items I have never worn or seen in a while. Then suddenly it feels like you have won something when you get a hand me down like the dress I’m wearing, because sometimes you do just want something else to wear.


Although this outfit is quite simple, the beauty is in the details. From the metallic pattern in the dress to the leather look collar and lapel in the blazer. Whilst this combination makes for a great Autumn look, I'm rocking this outfit in Spring because it's not that warm. The beauty of not conforming to what's on trend.


Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Sovanny xx


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