Hey all

How was the weekend for everyone? Ours was enjoyable but hectic. As my weekend starts on Friday, it was decided that I use the one just passed to get my car fixed and whilst it gets fixed, head in to the local shopping centre and hangout with my baby girl. At the car drop off, I was told that I would not have my car for the ENTIRE day. OMG. I was in the burbs so had no choice but to spend a whole day at the shopping centre! Naturally I was quite excited however as it turns out, I hated the now rare experience. I blew so much money that day on food, on the movies, on more food and on accessories that I’m certain I did not need. I have been so use to a shopping free experience this year that now I feel absolutely guilty when I do shop….even if it’s not breaching my commitment to no new clothes.

So those beautiful accessories that I’m so guilty about…The damage was all done in Lovisa! Too be honest, this was my first time purchasing anything from this store. I am therefore unsure of the quality of their products however I do know I’m in love with so many of their current pieces. I splurged on some great statement necklaces and keen to feature them in my upcoming blog posts beginning with the one today.


The beaded bib is colourful and busy so I thought it would be fitting to wear over what my husband calls the hypnotic dress (because of the white swirls) from one of my favourite designers.

Im wearing: Dress by Alice McCall | Blazer by Zara | Heels by Nine West | Bag by Chanel | Statement necklace by Lovisa

Im wearing: Dress by Alice McCall | Blazer by Zara | Heels by Nine West | Bag by Chanel | Statement necklace by Lovisa

Since there was so much going on with the bib and dress, I didn’t want a pattern overkill so kept it simple when it came to my blazer, bag and shoes.

hypnotic hypnotic2

Hope you love the look.

Thanks for reading. Sovanny xx

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