I'm wearing: Dress by Kate Moss at Topshop | Heels by Nine West | Floral crown by Lovisa Tot is wearing: Playsuit by Kmart | Sandals & Hat by Best & Less

I’m wearing: Dress by Kate Moss at Topshop | Heels by Nine West | Floral crown by Lovisa
Tot is wearing: Playsuit by Kmart | Sandals & Hat by Best & Less


Hello and happy new year!!

Every single year I look forward to this very day. It allows me to reflect on the past 12 months and start the new year feeling motivated, refresh and full of excitement.

In 2013, I set myself up with a resolution that meant no new clothes for an entire year. I’m pleased to say I did it and to celebrate, a shopping date with my girls has been organised for this weekend. Don’t worry I’ll be good.

What now? Well for starters I will allow myself a wardrobe update on occassion so the style posts will continue. However, whilst I love mainstream fashion, I do envisage myself investing in more vintage, second hand and upcycled pieces going forward. Secondly like most of the population I am keen to change my lifestyle for the better and be a good role model for my daughter. Raising a girl is interesting and although parenting comes with its challenges, Hubs and I will do our best raise her in to a women that is kind and thoughtful yet strong and independent.

Thanks for keeping up with my blog and I can’t wait for you to see and read all the things I have in store for you this year. Kicking things off are photographs of my latest style shoot.

Much love, Sovanny x




  1. Happy New Year! Happy New Wardrobe!! So where are we meeting for this shopping date again?? ;)) Wishing you nothing but the best this New Year Sovanny. I am with you on raising a girl in the best way possible cause i have one too. Hey, she is already following in mummy’s steps. I mean check out the model face- too cute!

    Thanks for stopping by. I really do appreciate your love and support this past year. Looking forward to future posts on your blog.


    1. Hello gorgeous girl. I am so lucky to have met a blogger like you. Even if it’s just virtual. Great to know you have a girl too. Im sure shes making you really proud. You have managed to juggle parenting, blogging and everything else seamlessly. I look forward to everything you have for us this year and all the best to you too x



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