Im wearing: Old t-shirt (cut) but converse || Skirt by Satch || Booties and Parka from Asos || Vintage Bag from Savers

Hello all and welcome to the weekend!

Earlier this year, I gave my wardrobe a spring clean in order to make room for new items. During my time, I’ve wasted so much money on clothing therefore, I always hard to part with them no matter how crummy they look, hence my excessive wardrobe. So as I was collating a bunch of old clothes to give away an idea struck. Up-cycling. It’s absolutely nothing new but how come most of us don’t to it?! I’m loving high waisted bottoms and crop tops so it seemed easy enough to cut a whole bunch of t-shirts and covert them into crop tops just like I’ve done this with old converse gym t-shirt. Inspired? Let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading.

Sovanny x

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