My family and I have just returned from Europe which is why I have been missing in action. Now that we are back, I’m excited to share some our experiences and photographs with you. Our first pit stop was London. Although London has a reputation for being gloomy and unfriendly, personally I find the city absolutely lovely, full of rich history and beautiful monuments to explore. Once more, you don’t have to look for anything specific to appreciate your surroundings.

Although I have been to London several times during my travels, this was my first time as a family with a toddler in tow. Kids are unpredictable creature so as parents, my husband and I weren’t quite sure what to expect. We just knew that travelling in general has its challenges so we put on our game face and suck it up attitude. What DID happen was jet-lag. This meant being awake at 3am, my toddler going stir crazy in the flat by 6am and leaving to head out by 7am or hell would break loose. Yep. Mind you, most days we are still all fast asleep at 7am. When we were out and about however, my little daughter was on a roll. A little explorer in a whole new world full of adventures. Sure all of our routines were out of whack but since we were on holidays, who cares!

During our very short stay, we shopped, ate, walked along the river, jumped around in puddles and had high-tea at the Sanderson Hotel. It was bliss in amongst all the family madness and we had the blast.

More details to come on Paris and Barcelona. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the images.

Sovanny x


Jumping for joy in puddles

Jumping for joy in puddles



Along the river with Tower Bridge in view

Walking along London Tower

Walking along London Tower


Mad hatters themed high tea at the Sanderson Hotel

Mad hatters themed high tea at the Sanderson Hotel


I’m wearing: Skirt by Zara || Top by Asos || Boots by Asos || Coat by Asos || Sunglasses from Retrostar Vintage || Hat from Anthropologie

Squirt is wearing: Dress by H&T || Coat by Zara || Gumboots || Men’s beanie by French Connection

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