Hello folks and happidy hump day!

There is absolutely no doubt that I love to play a little dress up and experiment with fashion on a daily basis. What I have found as my daughter is getting a little older is that my love for fashion and sense of style is rubbing off her. This just reinforces the fact that as her mother I’m a role model and probably her biggest influence. Yes the shoe and bag obsession is adorable but aside from sharing my love for fashion, I also hope that she grows up to be someone genuine and kind.

This thing I do with my wardrobe and taking pride in the way I look each day is purely for fun and for the most part in makes me feel a little happier. After all, being a parent is both thrilling and tiring which means there are days when I wake up feeling like overly tired because I haven’t had enough sleep the night before. I’m ranting on a little because that’s how it’s been since we returned from Europe a few weeks ago. My beautiful little sleeper has now gone back to waking in the night. I’ve put it down to jet lag, the fact that she was sick and is (probably) going through another growth spurt but I’m no expert. She’s my first child so rather than just making assumptions, I’m simply just going to jump on this roller-coaster ride and see where it takes me. Until then, I may as well cherish all those extra cuddles that I get from my little fashionista because she doesn’t want to leave my side…just yet.

Sending love to everyone with loved ones in their hearts.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

Sovanny XX


I’m wearing: Vintage Levi’s high waisted denim cut offs || Crop top by Zara || Mens tartan shirt by Abercrombie & Fitch || Boots by Asos || Parka by Asos ||Sunglasses by Retrostar Vintage 

Squirt is wearing: Sweater by H&M || Jeans by Target || Sneakers by Vans || Leather biker by Zara || Mens beanie by French connection

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  1. So adorable. You two are one of my favorites ever. You both have such an amazing relationship and it is so inspiring. Hey i am a mom too and i know just how you feel everyday. My world 🙂 but it so worth every single minute of it. So stylish.

    I actually just launched a kids style blog inspired by my little angel a couple of days ago. Just an outlet for us two but mostly about her and my mommy adventures with her.



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