Hello lovers

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone who sent me a note to congratulate us on the expansion of our family.  Another baby during this time in my life wasn’t exactly planned.  It came at the time when I was experiencing a re-structure at work and all the while, I also had plans to pursue other dreams which are now slowly becoming a reality. It just goes to show that life is full of surprises and hurdles and with the support of loved ones, there really isn’t much I can’t face as long as I have them by my side.

With this pregnancy, my blog now also gets that little bit more interesting. Since it’s conception, I have been the face and model for this blog. Now while I’ll still make an appearance, what you will begin to see are a portfolio of photographs from recent collaborations featuring a range of other artists. Coming on the scene is also my personal bumptastic edition and some more  mother and daughter shots which lets face it are my absolute favourite.

Here are a set of photographs captured today featuring my little girl at Coburg Lake Park. At almost 15weeks pregnant, I look like how I did at 20weeks in my first pregnancy. Muscle memory is certainly not a myth.

Hope you love these and thanks so much for reading.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Vintage Cardigan from Dear Gladys Vintage || Maternity leggings from Topshop || Maternity tee from Gap || Merino wool long sleeve from Glassons || Boots from Asos || Sunglasses from Retro Star Vintage

Squirt is wearing: Top by H&M|| Leggings & Boots by Target || Frilly skirt purchased from Cambodia || Faux fur coat by Zara || Womens pom pom beanie by Asos

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