Hello gorgeous

A little over 5 weeks ago when these photographs were taken, I could still squeeze into most of my clothes. At 11.5weeks pregnant, it wasn’t the least bit obvious and I felt so slim for a pregnant women. Fast forward 5 weeks and I wouldn’t dare to try that outfit on because it would literally bust at the seams.

At the time, I remember wanting to take as many pictures as I possibly could before my belly started to show however, by the next week I had lost my waistline. Although I had gained a whopping 23kgs in my first pregnancy, I recall not showing until about 6 months in so this came as a bit of a shock. I got over it of course and now embrace elasticated pants and stretchy tops on a daily basis.

It has been extremely cold in Melbourne which is cramping my style. To that end, not only am I looking forward to Summer for the warmer weather but for the much anticipated arrival of our newest family member.

Thanks for reading all.



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