After much neglect, I’ve decided to get back into styling myself and blogging for the bumptastic section of this blog. Admittedly, since falling pregnant and focusing on making others look good, I lost my mojo. Or perhaps I just didn’t care too much since there were so many other things that were far more important than the way I looked. Anyway, blah blah I’m back and that also means my husband needs to get back in to the swing of constantly photographing me. He really doesn’t mind so long as I don’t whine about crappy photos.

Last night, one of my girlfriends posted a link to an article on Facebook which suggests the decline of sales in jeans due the popularity in leggings. I love leggings. I love jeans more. But leggings are awesome. Even more so now that I am pregnant because they are warm and comfortable. For those that believe they aren’t pants, they are if you wear the right ones and in fact I took the liberty of styling leggings 4 ways early last year as seen here, here, here & here. On the topic of the decline in jeans however, I wonder if it also has to do with this joggers epidemic. Joggers have never looked so stylish and they are just as comfortable as leggings right. Rhetorical question and no answer required. I have about 4 pairs of joggers that rotate and some that look like pyjama pants. Please don’t judge because it has a freakin’ awesome elastic waist attached to it.

Cheers to joggers y’all and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, go try on a pair. Guaranteed you will fall in love.


I’m wearing (all old): Black tee by Gap Maternity || Grey hi-lo top by Asos || Joggers by Venom || Parka by Asos || Boots by Asos || Bag by Burberry || Beanie by Dangerfield || Earrings by Asos || Thrifted zebra print bangle || Sunglasses from Retro Star Vintage

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  1. Hey Babe, it’s been too long that I haven’t visited your blog!!! Shame on me! A couple of things to say.. 1… Congratulations on your e-boutique the website looks amazing.. good luck! 2… Congrats again for your pregnancy… 3…You look great in this post and finally I laughed at your comment that your husband doesn’t mind taking photos of you as long as you don’t complain about crappy photos…. SAME HERE!!! I have the same thoughts about me and my boyfriend… Anyway.. Long speech, but it has been a long time. kisses to you!!! xxx

    Nikita x


  2. Hahaha, at least he likes taking your photos. Mine doesn’t most times, and on top of that i complain about the crappy photos…oh well i have to DIY most times :)). Anyway, being a mom and blogging is a lot, and being pregnant too? How do you do it? You make it look so easy and your style is just out of this world. You make those pants look like the next best thing. Awesome look!



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