Hello gorgeous

I love love love eating out. Lucky for us, my daughter is well behaved when we dine out so we’ve had the luxury of restaurant meals since she was about 2 weeks old. Now at 2.5 years of age, personality wise, my little girl is all me and absolutely loves to mimic what I do and the clothes that I wear. It’s therefore no surprise that she’s also in a patterned dress like her mama. Before our 6pm reservation, we went for a short walk around the hood as it was still light. Maddie absolutely loves running around the streets and she’s recently started to request that we both hold her hands so she can have a little swing in between the hubby and I. Here are some snaps that we took along the way.

Sovanny x

p.s if you have never been, Hellenic Republic on Lygon Street Brunswick East is a fabulous family friendly restaurant.

Dinner Ready_2014_2Dinner Ready_2014_1Dinner Ready_2014_3Dinner Ready_2014_5

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