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Hello lovers

At 2.5 years of age, my daughter is now very well aware that there is a baby in my tummy and gives it kisses followed by telling me and everyone ‘I’m going to be a good big sister’. She also says ‘ oh baby is cuuuuute’ and ‘I’m having a baby sister’. I’m thoroughly impressed and so is her dad.

Dressed in semi-matching outfits, the squirt and I had a little time for a photoshoot on our way to C.E.R.E.S. I managed to find a vintage dress that fit me (thanks to the elasticated waist) and unfortunately it’s not for sale on Mode Madison. Sorry folks but this dress fits me so I’m keeping it. I accessorised it with some nice ballet flats, a cute vintage bag and my favourite jacket this season. My daughter has a very similar mini jacket so I just couldn’t resist on being a little matchy matchy. Besides, she loooves looking like mummy.

If my style does inspire you, there a a whole lot of gorgeous vintage dresses with elasticated waists on Mode Madison.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sovanny x


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After much neglect, I’ve decided to get back into styling myself and blogging for the bumptastic section of this blog. Admittedly, since falling pregnant and focusing on making others look good, I lost my mojo. Or perhaps I just didn’t care too much since there were so many other things that were far more important than the way I looked. Anyway, blah blah I’m back and that also means my husband needs to get back in to the swing of constantly photographing me. He really doesn’t mind so long as I don’t whine about crappy photos.

Last night, one of my girlfriends posted a link to an article on Facebook which suggests the decline of sales in jeans due the popularity in leggings. I love leggings. I love jeans more. But leggings are awesome. Even more so now that I am pregnant because they are warm and comfortable. For those that believe they aren’t pants, they are if you wear the right ones and in fact I took the liberty of styling leggings 4 ways early last year as seen here, here, here & here. On the topic of the decline in jeans however, I wonder if it also has to do with this joggers epidemic. Joggers have never looked so stylish and they are just as comfortable as leggings right. Rhetorical question and no answer required. I have about 4 pairs of joggers that rotate and some that look like pyjama pants. Please don’t judge because it has a freakin’ awesome elastic waist attached to it.

Cheers to joggers y’all and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, go try on a pair. Guaranteed you will fall in love.


I’m wearing (all old): Black tee by Gap Maternity || Grey hi-lo top by Asos || Joggers by Venom || Parka by Asos || Boots by Asos || Bag by Burberry || Beanie by Dangerfield || Earrings by Asos || Thrifted zebra print bangle || Sunglasses from Retro Star Vintage

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My loving husband captured these precious moments over our wedding anniversary weekend. Capturing kids on camera isn’t easy so I credit those including my husband for making it look so simple.

For the last 5 years since we’ve been married, celebrating our anniversary has always been during the winter. While it’s nice I suggested we take advantage of this milestone by taking the kids somewhere warmer in the future and make it our summer destination every year.  My husband agreed! Yay.

Cheers to all the lovers out there. Finding love is truly a blessing.

Sovanny x


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Hello gorgeous

A little over 5 weeks ago when these photographs were taken, I could still squeeze into most of my clothes. At 11.5weeks pregnant, it wasn’t the least bit obvious and I felt so slim for a pregnant women. Fast forward 5 weeks and I wouldn’t dare to try that outfit on because it would literally bust at the seams.

At the time, I remember wanting to take as many pictures as I possibly could before my belly started to show however, by the next week I had lost my waistline. Although I had gained a whopping 23kgs in my first pregnancy, I recall not showing until about 6 months in so this came as a bit of a shock. I got over it of course and now embrace elasticated pants and stretchy tops on a daily basis.

It has been extremely cold in Melbourne which is cramping my style. To that end, not only am I looking forward to Summer for the warmer weather but for the much anticipated arrival of our newest family member.

Thanks for reading all.



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Hello lovers

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone who sent me a note to congratulate us on the expansion of our family.  Another baby during this time in my life wasn’t exactly planned.  It came at the time when I was experiencing a re-structure at work and all the while, I also had plans to pursue other dreams which are now slowly becoming a reality. It just goes to show that life is full of surprises and hurdles and with the support of loved ones, there really isn’t much I can’t face as long as I have them by my side.

With this pregnancy, my blog now also gets that little bit more interesting. Since it’s conception, I have been the face and model for this blog. Now while I’ll still make an appearance, what you will begin to see are a portfolio of photographs from recent collaborations featuring a range of other artists. Coming on the scene is also my personal bumptastic edition and some more  mother and daughter shots which lets face it are my absolute favourite.

Here are a set of photographs captured today featuring my little girl at Coburg Lake Park. At almost 15weeks pregnant, I look like how I did at 20weeks in my first pregnancy. Muscle memory is certainly not a myth.

Hope you love these and thanks so much for reading.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Vintage Cardigan from Dear Gladys Vintage || Maternity leggings from Topshop || Maternity tee from Gap || Merino wool long sleeve from Glassons || Boots from Asos || Sunglasses from Retro Star Vintage

Squirt is wearing: Top by H&M|| Leggings & Boots by Target || Frilly skirt purchased from Cambodia || Faux fur coat by Zara || Womens pom pom beanie by Asos

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Hello everyone

I’ve been holding back on a special announcement!! You’ve guessed it. I’m soon to be a momma of 2 and my little girl is going to be a big sister. As you can imagine, my little family and I are extremely excited and looking forward to December when we can finally meet our new addition.

Lots of love, Sovanny x


Photographs by Lynda Nguyen, Lindy Lu Photography

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Hi all

If you’ve missed it, I’m collaborating with Littleboogaweezin, a label that offers fashion staples for modern mamas and kids. With my favourite piece from their current collection, I’ll be styling it in 6 different ways with a new look to debut every month.

Late last month you saw look #1 and in the next few weeks, there will be the launch of my second look which I’m really excited about.

I also have fellow six ways girls Gaelyn and Jess. So head over to their blog to see how they have styled their favourite pieces and show them some love.

Thanks for reading.

Sovanny xx

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