Hello lovers

Dressed in everything old (except hat), it was all smiles during this photoshoot as we prepared to head overseas on a much needed family trip.

In the days leading up to our trip the weather was so warm and sunny in Melbourne that a part of me didn’t want to leave. I dreaded the European winter and any challenges that we were going to face with a toddler in tow. Although now that we are here, we’re having a blast and loving the quality family time. It also seems we’ve brought the sunshine to London and Paris with us. Here’s hoping it follows us to Barcelona.

Sovanny x


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Hello everyone

Welcome to the weekend!

The weather has been crazy windy in Melbourne. So during the week I have made sure to avoid wearing skirts and dresses that could potentially blow up and expose my knickers. Sounds insane but imagine this….I work at a University and one lunch time as I’m walking across the grounds to grab a bite to eat the Marilyn Munroe scene happens- to me. Feeling mortified and embarrassed about the bunch of students that saw what they did I knew never to wear a dress on a windy day again.

On Thursday I wore this particular outfit to work. This feminine style incorporates a mix of tasteful clashing patterns and pop of red to brighten up the colour palette.

Take note of the wind proof pencil skirt. The skirt is also elasticated making it very comfortable and versatile enough to wear during and post pregnancy. Since becoming a mum I’ve grown to appreciate all my elasticated trousers and skirts. Even if you don’t have kids I’m certain you can see the value in elasticated items.

The velvet patterned jacket featured is a purchase from Las Vegas back in 2010. I have worn it several times this year however this happens to be the first opportunity I have had to blog it. The jacket is tailored around the waist and has a peplum bottom perfect to give a bit of shape to the outfit.

As for my green and white floral top, this happens to be from my absolute favourite store-Anthropologie. It’s my go to, everyday wear top. Aside from the fact that its quite pretty the top is another item that I had worn all throughout my pregnancy. It isn’t maternity wear but like Seed Heritage, Anthropologies is stocked up with a variety loose fitting items. Unfortunately Anthropologie is not available in Australia but they do ship internationally if you are interested.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Top by Anthropologie | Pencil skirt by St John | Jacket by Georgiou | Heels by Zara | Bag by Burberry | Necklace from asos

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks so much for reading.




Hello and happy Monday!

During my glorious shopping days, I loved purchasing all my work basics at Zara, Anthropologie and Banana Republic. Although Zara finally opened stores in Australia we’re still patiently waiting on the others. Just as well since I have banned myself from buying any new clothing this year but….I am really hoping for Anthropolie to be here some day.

Today’s outfit for work is a neat casual ensemble of overseas purchases. A blazer and bag from London, top and trousers from the States and shoes from Hong Kong. It doesn’t sound healthy for our Australian economy however we unfortunately aren’t as competitive on stock or price.

Next year, whilst I do plan to refresh my wardrobe, I’m thinking I could do more trift (I happen to live in area full of amazing vintage stores) shopping locally. That way I will be throwing money into our economy and still contributing to less consumerism. This plan sounds exciting already doesn’t it?

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Peacock top by Anthropologie | Blazer by Zara | Trousers by Banana Republic | Bag by Burberry | Shoes by Milan & Co.

Thanks for popping by my blog everyone.



Hello gorgeous

Since I have committed to not purchasing any new clothing this year, I packed a little heavier than usual for my trip to Hawaii.

That said my luggage was full of comfortable items that I knew I would have to wear over and over again during this trip. So if you notice some clothes overlapping in my next few posts it’s just me being creative with what was in my luggage.

On this very day, my friend and I headed to the Waikele Premium outlet for some bargain shopping. I have to say I found it to be quite underwhelming but managed to score some cute items for my little girl. The Godiva shop there is just devine and I couldn’t help but indulge in a cone full of strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. Certainly a must go to place for all travellers.

Post shopping we grabbed a bite and drink, then spent the late afternoon relaxing on Waikiki beach. If this could be a part of my life everyday I would be completely satisfied.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Singlet from Anthropologie | Black denim jeans by Calvin Klein | Silver flats
Black vintage bag | Swimwear by Seafolly

Thanks for reading.


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Starting off the week with a good morning to all the lovely readers.

The chill has definitely kicked in but good news is I will be rugging up for the next 4 weeks and then it’s hello Hawaii where I will stripping down to Summer gear. I cannot wait!

Outfit breakdown
Purple floral shirt by Sportscraft | Purple cardigan from Anthropologie
Green overcoat from Modcloth | Ponte leggings by MNG |Boots
Bag by Burberry

Thanks for coming by. Xx