Hey lovers

Feels like ages since I’ve appeared on the blog! Over these last few months I’ve been collecting gorgeous vintage pieces with the intention to have them available online at However time gets away so I haven’t had the time to dedicate to taking the images. Hence making them available at Lost and Found Market. This gorgeous velvet dress is one of the many I had intended to sell online. It’s so gorgeous and I can’t wait to have it hanging at my stall this weekend.


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After much neglect, I’ve decided to get back into styling myself and blogging for the bumptastic section of this blog. Admittedly, since falling pregnant and focusing on making others look good, I lost my mojo. Or perhaps I just didn’t care too much since there were so many other things that were far more important than the way I looked. Anyway, blah blah I’m back and that also means my husband needs to get back in to the swing of constantly photographing me. He really doesn’t mind so long as I don’t whine about crappy photos.

Last night, one of my girlfriends posted a link to an article on Facebook which suggests the decline of sales in jeans due the popularity in leggings. I love leggings. I love jeans more. But leggings are awesome. Even more so now that I am pregnant because they are warm and comfortable. For those that believe they aren’t pants, they are if you wear the right ones and in fact I took the liberty of styling leggings 4 ways early last year as seen here, here, here & here. On the topic of the decline in jeans however, I wonder if it also has to do with this joggers epidemic. Joggers have never looked so stylish and they are just as comfortable as leggings right. Rhetorical question and no answer required. I have about 4 pairs of joggers that rotate and some that look like pyjama pants. Please don’t judge because it has a freakin’ awesome elastic waist attached to it.

Cheers to joggers y’all and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, go try on a pair. Guaranteed you will fall in love.


I’m wearing (all old): Black tee by Gap Maternity || Grey hi-lo top by Asos || Joggers by Venom || Parka by Asos || Boots by Asos || Bag by Burberry || Beanie by Dangerfield || Earrings by Asos || Thrifted zebra print bangle || Sunglasses from Retro Star Vintage

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Hello lovers

Dressed in everything old (except hat), it was all smiles during this photoshoot as we prepared to head overseas on a much needed family trip.

In the days leading up to our trip the weather was so warm and sunny in Melbourne that a part of me didn’t want to leave. I dreaded the European winter and any challenges that we were going to face with a toddler in tow. Although now that we are here, we’re having a blast and loving the quality family time. It also seems we’ve brought the sunshine to London and Paris with us. Here’s hoping it follows us to Barcelona.

Sovanny x


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Hey gorgeous!

Although it can be a struggle weather wise in Melbourne, today is officially the first day of Summer in Australia. I love the exposed skin and minimal clothing that comes with our heatwave. Agreed some do show too much skin but seriously who cares. Wear what you want as long as you are comfortable in it. Just make sure to slap on some of that SPF because our sun is bad ass.

To kick off our summer I wanted to showcase an outfit that set the summer scene. Too much skin? My husband thinks so but what evs. I Love this sexy combination and it happens to be one of my favourite creations since I started blogging almost a year ago. Even better, if you love the necklace I have on, well for once its still available for purchase via Anthropologie.

Im wearing : Lingerie top | High waisted shorts by Valley Girl | Statement necklace by Pam Hiran | Heels by Zara | Microfishnet pantyhose by Rede Classic

Im wearing : Lingerie top | High waisted shorts by Valley Girl | Statement necklace by Pam Hiran | Heels by Zara | Microfishnet pantyhose by Rede Classic


The inspiration for my outfit comes from Justine who is the beautiful creator of The Style Bender. She featured a post wearing a lingerie top and I thought I have to get on to that. Once more I’d been yearning for a crop top for months so the top I am posing in just happens to fit in the crop and lingerie category. Sadly these hot diggity shorts are not mine and I’ll be handing them over to my sweet cousin who will look just as good in them.

With a jacket on, I went out in for breakfast and then lunch in this outfit and with the looks I recieved, lets just say it’s more of an after 5pm outfit.

For my international followers, I have styled this outfit a little differently to provide you with an Autumn/Winter look. Post to follow.

Thanks for reading and let the countdown begin. Just 31 days before I can hit the shops guilt free and that feels awesome.

Sovanny xx


Hey all

How was the weekend for everyone? Ours was enjoyable but hectic. As my weekend starts on Friday, it was decided that I use the one just passed to get my car fixed and whilst it gets fixed, head in to the local shopping centre and hangout with my baby girl. At the car drop off, I was told that I would not have my car for the ENTIRE day. OMG. I was in the burbs so had no choice but to spend a whole day at the shopping centre! Naturally I was quite excited however as it turns out, I hated the now rare experience. I blew so much money that day on food, on the movies, on more food and on accessories that I’m certain I did not need. I have been so use to a shopping free experience this year that now I feel absolutely guilty when I do shop….even if it’s not breaching my commitment to no new clothes.

So those beautiful accessories that I’m so guilty about…The damage was all done in Lovisa! Too be honest, this was my first time purchasing anything from this store. I am therefore unsure of the quality of their products however I do know I’m in love with so many of their current pieces. I splurged on some great statement necklaces and keen to feature them in my upcoming blog posts beginning with the one today.


The beaded bib is colourful and busy so I thought it would be fitting to wear over what my husband calls the hypnotic dress (because of the white swirls) from one of my favourite designers.

Im wearing: Dress by Alice McCall | Blazer by Zara | Heels by Nine West | Bag by Chanel | Statement necklace by Lovisa

Im wearing: Dress by Alice McCall | Blazer by Zara | Heels by Nine West | Bag by Chanel | Statement necklace by Lovisa

Since there was so much going on with the bib and dress, I didn’t want a pattern overkill so kept it simple when it came to my blazer, bag and shoes.

hypnotic hypnotic2

Hope you love the look.

Thanks for reading. Sovanny xx

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