The key to a long lasting relationship is to wait until a man is legally bound to you before you wear harem pants – Nicole Richie


I’m wearing:: Tank top by Running Bare || Port pant by Metalicus || Shoes by Boston Babes || Handbag by DVF (similar here) || Bat Wing Necklace by Yasmin By Gogo Philip

Hello lovers

Thought I’d start this post off with a funny quote from Nicole Richie. I love that women. Harems, otherwise known as nappy pants have been around for a while, but women haven’t quite warmed up to them as they have with leggings or skinny jeans. Not as trendy maybe?

They can appear very daggy but have you tried a pair on? During a recent shopping spree I popped in to Metalicus…a brand that I fell in love with a few years ago. They always stock a delicious range of comfortable understated basics that last wash after wash. Once more, the pieces follow a one size fits all concept so they stretch with you without that tight feeling. Yes that’s right. After trying on several pieces I went to the counter to pay for them and that’s when I spotted the Harems. I knew in my mind, they were the answer to not having to wear tight uncomfortable pants. So back in the change rooms I went and I was sold. Loved them so much, I bought a pair in grey also. I am guessing, as it is with Jeans and trousers, you just have to find the right fit because there is an Harem pant for everyone. What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading.

Sovanny x

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image image Grease3

I'm wearing:  Jeans by H&M | Tunic by Religion UK | Heels by Michael Kors | Clutch by DKNY | Necklace from Asos

I’m wearing: Jeans by H&M | Tunic by Religion UK | Heels by Michael Kors | Clutch by DKNY | Necklace from Asos

I wore this outfit last Sunday and too my surprise hubs had captured a women with an 80’s cool in an outfit resembling that sexy black number Sandy wore in Grease.

In between the all the happenings at home, swimming classes and my nieces birthday party that day, I had started off looking like this. Then by mid morning I ended up switching those heels for hi-tops and then the hi-tops for boots later that afternoon. It was an eventful day so my shoes changed based on the occassion. My clothes however did not, since it was versatile enough to dress up or down. This is why jeans make the perfect fashion staple.

Thanks for reading all and hope you are digging this look.

p.s Don’t blame me if you can’t get the Grease theme song out of your head.

Sovanny xx


Hello all

Recently while web surfing on Asos I came across the perfect snapback and also layed eyes on a turban with studs. I just knew I had to have them both so in the shopping cart they went.

Mid week I rocked in to work wearing an outfit that covered me from head to toe for our teams Christmas lunch. I knew I was going to look overdressed but really wanted to create a unique yet festive look for the occasion. My outfit reminded some of the older ladies in the office of Dianna Ross and the disco era, so naturally I started to sing ‘I will survive’.

Then last night while dining with some girlfriends I described my Christmas lunch outfit using the words all black, maxi skirt, long sleeve top and turban with studs. Coming from a corporate work environment they could’nt believe their ears let alone picture me in it so I gave them a sneak peek. Now I am showing it to you. Thoughts?

I'm wearing: Top by Zara | Skirt by Forever New | Heels by Michael Kors | Bag by Burberry | Turban from Asos | Necklace by Lovisa Jewellery

I’m wearing: Top by Zara | Skirt by Forever New | Heels by Michael Kors | Bag by Burberry | Turban from Asos | Necklace by Lovisa Jewellery


Only 18 days until Christmas all. Send me your blog links in the comments section and show me what you are wearing this festive season. I’d love to see them.

Once again thanks for reading and lets bring on the season to be merry.

Sovanny xx


Love2 Love6 Love4 Love3

Hi all

My commitment to not by any new clothes for this entire year, at the time seemed like the hardest thing I’d ever do. For months I remember stalking shopping websites and shop fronts yearning for clothes that I knew I was never going to own.  It was difficult but temptations never got the better of me and whilst I still love to browse online, the once addicted and impulsive shopper no longer exists.

The birth of my daughter in early 2012 may have had something to do with the rationale behind my crazy new years resolution. Although for the most part, my commitment  was driven by my needs rather than wants. The need to re-prioritise my expenditure, the need to be less of a consumerist, the need to minimise my carbon footprint , the need to be more creative, the need to be more of a responsible mother and the need to appreciate what I already have instead of my desires.

Ten months into this year, my closest friends and awesome followers often wonder how I do it. If I have inspired you at all to think twice about actively shopping, my tip would be to have a conservative and achievable approach. For instance I committed to no new clothes so this in fact did not extend to shoes and accessories.  That said, I didn’t exactly splurge either. Surprisingly, my shopping appetite seemed to curb at all levels. I haven’t even used the Zara voucher my friends gave me in May this year. Aside from that, my wardrobe was extensive enough to give me a variety of options and luckily enough my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit my post baby body.

All in all, like the outfit for this post, I am proud about the outfits I have created, the clothes I managed to finally wear and my ability to show you that you can still look and feel good without the need to update your wardrobe. Whilst I am counting down the days so I can freely shop again, I do believe that this commitment has changed me as a person. I will never be that impulsive shopper and heavy consumerist I once was.

As always thank you for reading and following my journey.

Outfit details (All items are old)
Dress by Cue | Leather biker jacket by Topshop | Shoes by Nine West | Bag by Burberry

Sovanny x


Hello all and hope you are having an awesome week!

Over the weekend, I said good-bye to these denim shorts as they tore along my left thigh. I distinctively remember hearing the tear as I squatted down to have a play in the sunshine with my little one. After that I continued to wear them through the day but the tear kept getting larger to the point where they were no longer classy to wear.


I absolutely loved these shorts and wore them all throughout this year with a combination of other outfits. I do however love the classic denim, black and white look. It’s too bad they were my only pair and I won’t be stocking up on another until the year is over. Argh, just over 2 months to go people.

Outfits Details (All items are old)
Denim Shorts by Topshop | White Sleeveless fringe shirt by Warehouse | Dip back top by Asos | Boots by Spurr | Sunglasses free from Clearly Contacts

Thank you for all your support and love. I am so grateful.

Sovanny x


vintage2vintage5vintage3Vintage vintage13vintage15vintage10vintage14vintage16vintage1

Hello everyone

Last week hubby and I attended our dear friends wedding which was set at a winery in Red Hill, Victoria. Since most of my photographs are set in my backyard, we thought that after the ceremony we’d have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a different backdrop for my blog.

I am so glad we did, because, aside from the gorgeous scenery, this blog now features a post of me in evening wear with a pair of knock out heels that have been in storage for I can’t even remember how long now. As elegant as I felt, there was some behind the scenes touch ups that needed to happen before any photos were taken. Like every other women in heels at the wedding, my feet were muddy, and my heels kept digging into the grass at the vineyards.  As a result I had disgusting feet and the tip of my heels were dressed with big balls of grass. So at the first opportunity I got, I went straight to my car and got out my baby wipes to clean my shoes and feet. My husband thought it was hilarious but I tell you what, even if you don’t have kids, go get yourself some baby wipes and leave them in your car or bag because you never know when you will need them. I distinctively remember giving a total stranger some baby wipes during my last overseas trip. I won’t go into the details but it was just as well I had some on me!

Now to this dress! This beautiful vintage number is beaded from top to bottom.  I love it so much and it kills me that I don’t get to wear it very often. It was purchase several years ago and since then it has become my go to wedding dress.  I have now worn it to three of the four weddings I have been to in the last three years and every time I wear it, it feels like the very first time.

What do you think of this number? I’d love to hear your comments.

Thanks for reading.

Sovanny x


Hello gorgeous

I hope that you have had an amazing weekend. For me, it’s certainly nice to have a break from work and more time with my little family.

This beautiful photo set was taken by my husband before I set out for a massive high tea eating fest with my girlfriends at the Conservatory, Crown. It’s absolutely freezing in Melbourne and indeed a coat is needed but I figured that I was going to be indoors anyway so didn’t bother with it.

High tea calls for a lady like outfit and since I don’t get dressed as often as I use to, I wanted to put together an outfit that I had never worn before. The result was a dreamy vintage look.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Black maxi pleat skirt by Forever New (similar here) | Floral Cardigan by Sunny Girl | Pumps by Nine West | Vintage handbag from Lost and Found Marke | Necklace from asos

I hope you love the outfit. Thanks for coming by and enjoy the week ahead.


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