After much neglect, I’ve decided to get back into styling myself and blogging for the bumptastic section of this blog. Admittedly, since falling pregnant and focusing on making others look good, I lost my mojo. Or perhaps I just didn’t care too much since there were so many other things that were far more important than the way I looked. Anyway, blah blah I’m back and that also means my husband needs to get back in to the swing of constantly photographing me. He really doesn’t mind so long as I don’t whine about crappy photos.

Last night, one of my girlfriends posted a link to an article on Facebook which suggests the decline of sales in jeans due the popularity in leggings. I love leggings. I love jeans more. But leggings are awesome. Even more so now that I am pregnant because they are warm and comfortable. For those that believe they aren’t pants, they are if you wear the right ones and in fact I took the liberty of styling leggings 4 ways early last year as seen here, here, here & here. On the topic of the decline in jeans however, I wonder if it also has to do with this joggers epidemic. Joggers have never looked so stylish and they are just as comfortable as leggings right. Rhetorical question and no answer required. I have about 4 pairs of joggers that rotate and some that look like pyjama pants. Please don’t judge because it has a freakin’ awesome elastic waist attached to it.

Cheers to joggers y’all and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, go try on a pair. Guaranteed you will fall in love.


I’m wearing (all old): Black tee by Gap Maternity || Grey hi-lo top by Asos || Joggers by Venom || Parka by Asos || Boots by Asos || Bag by Burberry || Beanie by Dangerfield || Earrings by Asos || Thrifted zebra print bangle || Sunglasses from Retro Star Vintage

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Hello everyone

Since I started blogging, I have rarely taken advantage of the wonderful street art surrounding our Melbourne inner northern suburbs neighbourhood. Noticeably it makes the perfect backdrop for my photographs and compliments my love for vintage and street fashion. If we could afford the luxury of scouting for the perfect site all the time this is what we’d do. For the purposes of convenience however, most of our photographs are taken at home. Luckily for the squirt and I, this cool strip of street art was located along the bike path of a nearby cafe we decided to brunch at over the weekend. I am really keen to show everyone the amazing Melbourne street art scene so here’s to a step closer in making that happen.

Thanks for reading all.

Sovanny x

Art12 Art11 Art10Art6Art7Art3Art1

I’m wearing: Vintage jumper || Vintage leather look studded skirt by Moschino || Boots by Asos || Vintage Bag || Sunglasses from Retrostar Vintage || Snapback from Asos

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Hello everyone

As I write this post I think about how the end of year is fast approaching. I am excited about the new possibilities for this blog in the new year. At the same time I feel as though I will need to commit to a new direction to keep my blog going. It’s mostly been about keeping track of my new years resolution through fashion so what next?!

For now however, I hope you continue to enjoy the outfits I pull together and my ability to not shop for any clothes for one more month! I do provide updates on a daily basis via my Instagram account so feel free to be bombed with photographs and follow any time.

The outfit for this post is a combination of denim on denim with tartan and some statement jewellery. I understand this look is in at the moment so thought I’d give it a Trendy Momma go! Thing is apart from my necklace I have had these items for years now. I’ve just never worn it like this before. Admittedly since I do lean more towards casual dress I love this trend and secretly wish for tartan to stay.


Excuse my fat fingers but I wanted so show you my cool bling

Excuse my fat fingers but I wanted so show you my cool bling


I'm wearing: Dress by Yessica | Denim biker jacket by Bardot | Tartan shirt by Topshop | Boots by Spurr | Statement necklace by Lovisa | Bag by Burberry

I’m wearing: Dress by Yessica | Denim biker jacket by Bardot | Tartan shirt by Topshop | Boots by Spurr | Statement necklace by Lovisa | Bag by Burberry

Thank you for dropping by my blog.

Sovanny xx



Happy Tuesday everyone!

This week I’m sticking with the theme of wearing my oldest clothes. Yesterday is was my plaid dress from Cue and today it’s my decade old denim biker jacket from Bardot.

There was once upon a time where I was going to just get rid of the jacket but I don’t know what possessed me to hang on to it. Nevertheless I made the right decision because it looks awesome, washes well and luckily enough always on trend. Today I have aimed for a casual look pairing it with skinny cargos and boots. It’s nothing revolutionary but the point here is you don’t need new clothes to look fashionable.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Top from Anthropologie | Cargos by Grab Denim | Biker jacket by Bardot | Boots by Spurr |Bag by Burberry

Thanks for the drop by. Xx


Hello all

I’m off on a course today and although it’s work related, all participants were encouraged to wear hoodies and comfortable clothing. It’s still extremely cold so the hooded attire worked a treat and this black trench coat that I pulled out of storage also came in handy. Feels good to be in casual form for work.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Jeans by Grab | Hooded jumper by Champion | Trench coat by H&M | Boots by Spurr | Bag by Burberry

Thx for coming by this post and good night xxx


Hello lovlies

The title I use in this post describes all the natural beauty Oahu has to offer.

I had high expectations for the day tour I booked to see Oahu and it did not disappoint. Since I was in Oahu for such a short period of time, a tour worked as it allows you to get a beautiful glimpse of the island while bookmarking all the many places to see more of. The next time and there will be a next time, I’ll be sure to hire a car and go see all my favourite scenic spots.

Love this post if you love these amazing photographs.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Peacock singlet from Anthropologie| Denim shorts by Topshop| Boots by Spurr| Black vest| Black vintage bag


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Hello lovely

After some early morning sunbathing on Waikiki beach, I got dressed in a relaxed fringed t-shirt dress and headed to the Ala Moana Beach House restaurant for some afternoon high tea, where we were given the best seat in the house. This white Miami t-shirt dress happened to be the fanciest item I had packed for the holidays and worked a treat since the dress code in Waikiki is extremely relaxed. I paired the t-shirt dress with my everyday (literally everyday) boots and an oversized bag. Not to forget my new Balmain sunglasses scored at my recent Waikele Premium outlet venture.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
White Miami t-shirt dressBlack slip dress by Calvin Klein| Boots by Spurr| Bag by Coach| Sunglasses by Balmain


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