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Hello everyone

My friends often wonder how on earth I manage to get dressed, put my face on, sort my daughter out and take photographs for my blog before heading to work each day. While I’m pleased that we make it look effortless, it basically takes practice, effort, planning and a partner that helps out to make sure we are out the door quickly and in the office by 8am. Mind you, most days we get up at 7am and that’s a sleep in.

Any parent will tell you that some mornings are more tougher than others but,  I can honestly say that there isn’t one morning since my daughter has been born that I haven’t woken up with a smile on my face. Parenting and being a mum is soo bad yet so good at the same time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My little one has made me a better person…a more appreciative person and someone that is more considerate and less selfish. Now I get to see life through her innocent eyes and have also re-discovered the child in me through our play dates. It’s absolutely amazing and I feel so lucky to have a beautiful girl and a husband that not only loves me to bits but helps me to get my shit together every single day.

Believe it or not, my lack of time in the mornings is a contributing factor to my creative sense of style or lack of. Unless I plan what I am going to wear the next day the night before, like this morning, I quickly put one together and what generally matters most is my choice of bag and shoes. When I’m rushed, all I know is that I want my outfit combination to be different to what I’ve worn previously. That is my thought process and it helps me with making a decision on what to wear in record time.

So guys, never mind my handbag…what do you think about todays clashing florals and my lime green pumps?

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Floral cardigan by Maxim| Floral vintage dress from Diamond Dog | Lime green pumps by Nine West |Classic black flap bag by Chanel

Thanks for reading all.

Sovanny x


Today I celebrated a belated birthday lunch with my besties. Over lunch we talked about the upcoming trip to Hawaii and how great the shopping is going to be. This led to me confirming my committment to not buy any new clothes as I have more than enough. That said I’d love a new designer bag. Needless to say, my girlfriends were impressed with my attitude and mentioned how well I have done in the past 5 months. In fact I think the conversation even inspired them to think twice about compulsively shopping. I love that I inspire others to make the most of what they have.

You don’t need new clothes to look good or stay fashionable. Just be confident in your own sense of style. I think I am a living example of just that.

Thanks for reading. Xx

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Grey tunic my Calvin Klein| Denim shorts by Topshop| Leather biker jacket by Topshop| Boots from Iconic| Sunglasses by Dejcuba
Accessories by Asos| Bag by Chanel


Week 4, February 1 item, 4 ways challenge – The little lace shirt 
Day 59 –The leopard effect

Its the final day of the 1 item, 4 ways challenge which basically wraps up February.

About 2 years ago I impulsively purchased this navy cocktail dress and since then have just never found the occasion to wear it. So 2 years later, I thought I would add it to this week’s challenge and wear it to the office. A cocktail dress to the office?! Why the hell not. I wore the little black lace shirt underneath which is just gorgeous and would you believe it is absolutely freezing today, so I also made use of my short red Japanese style coat. 

As for those leopard booties. Well they are really something and speak for themselves.

Outfit break-down
Navy satin cocktail dress
Black short sleeve lace shirt
Red Japanese style coat
Leopard booties
Chanel classic black flap bag



For those that have just started following my blog – I decided that (for various reasons) my 2013 New Years resolution would be to not purchase any new items of clothing for an entire year. So far it has been challenging yet so satisfying as I become more creative with my outfits.

This week, I chose one of my oldest dresses by Cue to take on the first week of the 1item, 4 ways challenge. I wore this same dress in a different way for this entire working week, and not one person in the office noticed that it was the same dress which is great! In fact, I hope that they continue not to notice me repeatedly wearing the same items for the next 3 weeks of this February challenge.

Dress by Cue

Day 35 – Layer the dress with a colourful blouse and patterned blazer. This works extremely well when you are working with a simple dress.

2013-02-04 07.20.59

Blouse by BCBGMaxazria | Blazer by Lolaraine | Shoes by Zara

Day 36 – Wear a short sleeve blouse underneath and couple it with a cardigan over the top. Definitely gives it that cute appeal.

Blouse by Barkins | Cardigan by Avocado | Shoes by Nine West | Bag by Burberry

Day 37 – Anyone ever think of wearing a skirt over your dress? When I told my husband that I was going to do this, he thought I was being silly but to his surprise he loved the result of this combination.


Skirt by Forever New | Shoes by Nine West | Bag by Chanel

Day 38 – With my new addiction to wearing tops over dresses, I did just that. With a pretty black blouse worn over my dress, I also added some essential accessories so that it wouldn’t look so boring.


Blouse by Review | Belt from Modcloth | Shoes by Joanne Mercer |Satin leopard scarf

Whether you have a small or massive wardrobe, I am hoping that after reading this blog, you are considering to do as I do and begin to mix and match more often. You will be surprised how satisfying it really is and just think of all the money you could save for things you REALLY need.

Until next week. xx


It has been an interesting summers week here in Melbourne. Extremely chilly in the mornings and warm in the evenings so I took advantage of layering all my outfits for work this week.

I have never been one to wear tops over my dresses but now I am addicted and can think of 101 dress/top combinations.

So this wraps up January. One month down. Bring on the next  11 months of no clothes shopping.


Day 29

Dress by Evolve | Shirt by Ralph Lauren | Cut out top by Zara
Boots by asos | Bag by Burberry

Day 30

Day 30
Denim Dress | Shimmer top by Sportscraft | Tights by Leona Edmiston
Heels by Nine West | Bag by Chanel

Day 31

Day 31
Green Dress by Review | Hi-lo top by asos | Pumps by Zara | Bag by Miss Shop