I am normally not one for colours. In fact, my wardrobe could be stripped right back to just black, white, grey and blue.  However, I felt that the working week needed to start off with a colour less dull than the weather of late.

Whilst I had selected a blue blazer the night before to wear over my outfit, I decided to ditch it for my neglected bright fuchsia coloured coat. The colour combination was perfect and I stood out like a highlighter at work.

I can’t help but feel proud when I make the effort to wear something I normally wouldn’t because it’s a step towards meeting my new year’s resolution.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Purple Satin cap sleeve satin dress by Cue | Black leather look cut out top by Zara Fuchsia coat from Macy’s | Beige pumps by Zara | Vintage bag

Thanks for coming by and I hope you love this outfit.



Today I celebrated a belated birthday lunch with my besties. Over lunch we talked about the upcoming trip to Hawaii and how great the shopping is going to be. This led to me confirming my committment to not buy any new clothes as I have more than enough. That said I’d love a new designer bag. Needless to say, my girlfriends were impressed with my attitude and mentioned how well I have done in the past 5 months. In fact I think the conversation even inspired them to think twice about compulsively shopping. I love that I inspire others to make the most of what they have.

You don’t need new clothes to look good or stay fashionable. Just be confident in your own sense of style. I think I am a living example of just that.

Thanks for reading. Xx

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Grey tunic my Calvin Klein| Denim shorts by Topshop| Leather biker jacket by Topshop| Boots from Iconic| Sunglasses by Dejcuba
Accessories by Asos| Bag by Chanel