Hello and happy Monday!

During my glorious shopping days, I loved purchasing all my work basics at Zara, Anthropologie and Banana Republic. Although Zara finally opened stores in Australia we’re still patiently waiting on the others. Just as well since I have banned myself from buying any new clothing this year but….I am really hoping for Anthropolie to be here some day.

Today’s outfit for work is a neat casual ensemble of overseas purchases. A blazer and bag from London, top and trousers from the States and shoes from Hong Kong. It doesn’t sound healthy for our Australian economy however we unfortunately aren’t as competitive on stock or price.

Next year, whilst I do plan to refresh my wardrobe, I’m thinking I could do more trift (I happen to live in area full of amazing vintage stores) shopping locally. That way I will be throwing money into our economy and still contributing to less consumerism. This plan sounds exciting already doesn’t it?

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Peacock top by Anthropologie | Blazer by Zara | Trousers by Banana Republic | Bag by Burberry | Shoes by Milan & Co.

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Crossed over – April 28, 2013

Hello there

Due to an extremely long and lazy weekend, my outfits have been very casual over the last few days. You will however notice a change in my attire as I head back to work from tomorrow.

Today was a new experiment with my tartan shirt. Over the last few months, I have become obsessed about what I can do with all the shirts in my wardrobe. In the process I have since discovered how versatile this piece of clothing is. You can wear it under clothes, over clothes, tucked in, tuck out, buttoned up, unbuttoned, knotted, sleeves rolled up…you get my drift. 

I wore my shirt crossed over today, almost like a wrap. As illustrated in the first three snaps, simply tuck the corner ends of of your shirt in the opposite side of your jeans. It’s not ground breaking however if you have yet to wear it this way, its something you can definitely experiment with. I wish I thought of wearing it this way when I was breastfeeding.

Outfit Breakdown (All items are old)
Sports t-shirl | Tartan shirt – similar here | Black coatl | Coloured skinny jeans – similar herel | Nike high-tops – similar here

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