Hello and happy Monday!

During my glorious shopping days, I loved purchasing all my work basics at Zara, Anthropologie and Banana Republic. Although Zara finally opened stores in Australia we’re still patiently waiting on the others. Just as well since I have banned myself from buying any new clothing this year but….I am really hoping for Anthropolie to be here some day.

Today’s outfit for work is a neat casual ensemble of overseas purchases. A blazer and bag from London, top and trousers from the States and shoes from Hong Kong. It doesn’t sound healthy for our Australian economy however we unfortunately aren’t as competitive on stock or price.

Next year, whilst I do plan to refresh my wardrobe, I’m thinking I could do more trift (I happen to live in area full of amazing vintage stores) shopping locally. That way I will be throwing money into our economy and still contributing to less consumerism. This plan sounds exciting already doesn’t it?

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Peacock top by Anthropologie | Blazer by Zara | Trousers by Banana Republic | Bag by Burberry | Shoes by Milan & Co.

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A comfortable outfit for work today. Lots of black, some leopard print for a little sexiness and flats for feet loving. I have been advised to stay of the heels for a while to help with my posture. Unfortunately my body isn’t in quite the same shape since I had my precious girl.

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For those that have just started following my blog – I decided that (for various reasons) my 2013 New Years resolution would be to not purchase any new items of clothing for an entire year. So far it has been challenging yet so satisfying as I become more creative with my outfits.

This week, I chose one of my oldest dresses by Cue to take on the first week of the 1item, 4 ways challenge. I wore this same dress in a different way for this entire working week, and not one person in the office noticed that it was the same dress which is great! In fact, I hope that they continue not to notice me repeatedly wearing the same items for the next 3 weeks of this February challenge.

Dress by Cue

Day 35 – Layer the dress with a colourful blouse and patterned blazer. This works extremely well when you are working with a simple dress.

2013-02-04 07.20.59

Blouse by BCBGMaxazria | Blazer by Lolaraine | Shoes by Zara

Day 36 – Wear a short sleeve blouse underneath and couple it with a cardigan over the top. Definitely gives it that cute appeal.

Blouse by Barkins | Cardigan by Avocado | Shoes by Nine West | Bag by Burberry

Day 37 – Anyone ever think of wearing a skirt over your dress? When I told my husband that I was going to do this, he thought I was being silly but to his surprise he loved the result of this combination.


Skirt by Forever New | Shoes by Nine West | Bag by Chanel

Day 38 – With my new addiction to wearing tops over dresses, I did just that. With a pretty black blouse worn over my dress, I also added some essential accessories so that it wouldn’t look so boring.


Blouse by Review | Belt from Modcloth | Shoes by Joanne Mercer |Satin leopard scarf

Whether you have a small or massive wardrobe, I am hoping that after reading this blog, you are considering to do as I do and begin to mix and match more often. You will be surprised how satisfying it really is and just think of all the money you could save for things you REALLY need.

Until next week. xx