The story goes: A pair of best friends decide to leave their jobs and enjoy the day at the beach before heading on and overseas escapade


Photographer: Taran Jensen, Sore Eyelids Photography
Wardrobe stylist: Sovanny Vu, Mode Madison
Hair & makeup stylist: Cynthia Willis, Cynthia Willis Makeup and hair stylist


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Meet models: Jordan Schembri (Left) & Simone Grasso (Right)

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Delightful selection of vintage footwear available from Martin Fella Vintage

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The exquisite Orion pendant from White November layered over a quirky Gold rabbit necklace from Martin Fella Vintage

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Jordan is a versatile vintage yellow and white scarf

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Add some colour to your everyday outfit with assortment of lucite & bakelite bangles from Martin Fella Vintage

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A cool pair of vintage inspired sunglasses to help you stay protected from the sun

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White November have a selection of creative jewellery including this pair of Luna hook earrings

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Featuring retro apple necklacem, Starburst pendant & Mini shell pendant

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Print me a flower dress, $59 + Dreams come true playsuit, $39


Assorted lucite & bakelite bangles, from $10ea + Retro apple necklace, $18 + Gold rabbit necklace, $25 + Vintage yellow & white scarf, $15 + Red shoes, $55 + Silver shoes, $45 + Fruit earrings, $15 + Heart shaped sunglasses, $25 + Pink frosted sunglasses, $25


Stainless steel & sterling silver Orion necklace, $160 + Mini shell pendant, $190 + Sterling silver Starburst pendant, $250 + Stainless steel & sterling silver Luna hook earrings, $120

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In these final weeks of this year, I have decided to go all out on the accessories. You have all seen the amount of clothes I own so now it’s time to show you my bling. Hopefully I will provide you with some styling ideas.

Like most girls, I’ve always loved accessorising. However, since becoming a mum, it’s mostly been with hats, bags and shoes. Apart from the odd occassion, I didn’t bother with jewellery since I gave birth to my daughter until recently. She’s now 20 months old.

Yesterday, I decided to pair a beautifully beaded gold and turquoise statement necklace with a feminine floral dress and some chunky heels. The outfit reminded me of when Jessica Alba stepped out in her Dolce and Gabbana dress. Obviously I look nothing like her but I hope you can see the outfit similarities?

I'm wearing: Dress from Asos | Heels by Michael Kors | Statement necklace by Pam Hiran. Tot is wearing: T-shirt & Shorts by Best & Less | Shoes from Big W

I’m wearing: Dress from Asos | Heels by Michael Kors | Statement necklace by Pam Hiran.
Tot is wearing: T-shirt & Shorts by Best & Less | Shoes from Big W


Thank you for reading my post.

Sovanny xx


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Hello everyone

My friends often wonder how on earth I manage to get dressed, put my face on, sort my daughter out and take photographs for my blog before heading to work each day. While I’m pleased that we make it look effortless, it basically takes practice, effort, planning and a partner that helps out to make sure we are out the door quickly and in the office by 8am. Mind you, most days we get up at 7am and that’s a sleep in.

Any parent will tell you that some mornings are more tougher than others but,  I can honestly say that there isn’t one morning since my daughter has been born that I haven’t woken up with a smile on my face. Parenting and being a mum is soo bad yet so good at the same time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My little one has made me a better person…a more appreciative person and someone that is more considerate and less selfish. Now I get to see life through her innocent eyes and have also re-discovered the child in me through our play dates. It’s absolutely amazing and I feel so lucky to have a beautiful girl and a husband that not only loves me to bits but helps me to get my shit together every single day.

Believe it or not, my lack of time in the mornings is a contributing factor to my creative sense of style or lack of. Unless I plan what I am going to wear the next day the night before, like this morning, I quickly put one together and what generally matters most is my choice of bag and shoes. When I’m rushed, all I know is that I want my outfit combination to be different to what I’ve worn previously. That is my thought process and it helps me with making a decision on what to wear in record time.

So guys, never mind my handbag…what do you think about todays clashing florals and my lime green pumps?

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Floral cardigan by Maxim| Floral vintage dress from Diamond Dog | Lime green pumps by Nine West |Classic black flap bag by Chanel

Thanks for reading all.

Sovanny x


Hello lovelies

It feels great to be on the warmer side of Winter here in Melbourne. I can now expose some skin without feeling the chill. Awesome!

Some key items I have on today are my black short sleeve blouse and blue lace jacket. Both from Alannah Hill and both years old yet timeless and so very cute. I’ve teamed it with a floral cardigan, red skirt and lime patent pumps for that pop of colour from head to toe.

Hope you love this look and that it’s inspired you experiment with the colours in your wardrobe.

Depending on where you are in the world have a great day/night.
Thanks for reading. Much love xx


Hello gorgeous

I hope that you have had an amazing weekend. For me, it’s certainly nice to have a break from work and more time with my little family.

This beautiful photo set was taken by my husband before I set out for a massive high tea eating fest with my girlfriends at the Conservatory, Crown. It’s absolutely freezing in Melbourne and indeed a coat is needed but I figured that I was going to be indoors anyway so didn’t bother with it.

High tea calls for a lady like outfit and since I don’t get dressed as often as I use to, I wanted to put together an outfit that I had never worn before. The result was a dreamy vintage look.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Black maxi pleat skirt by Forever New (similar here) | Floral Cardigan by Sunny Girl | Pumps by Nine West | Vintage handbag from Lost and Found Marke | Necklace from asos

I hope you love the outfit. Thanks for coming by and enjoy the week ahead.


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73 days into my NY’s resolution

Flower Power

I completely agree!  The amount of dresses I own is absolutely ridiculous. So much so that I could make this week a theme about midi floral dresses, which I found perfect for our scorching ‘summer’ heat.

I do gravitate to gorgeous flowy floral dresses as I find they are always fashionably stylish, comfortable and you can get away with having it as your 9-5 look. With the busy prints, I decided to pair the dresses with some simple shoes and jewellery. If styled correctly, you can definitely get away with pairing these dresses with bolder shoes and more accessories. I also find these dresses versatile enough to wear in winter with some tights under your favourite coat.

You can find some beautiful floral numbers herehere and here. Enjoy and I hope that you liked this weeks post.

Trendy Momma x