The Price on What You Eat…

Hello gorgeous

I made a trip to my local Wholefoods store today and splurged on 1 green bag full of both organic and vegan groceries. It totalled to a smidge over $170. Ouch!

Not everything I eat is organic although organic is my preferance. I am prepared to pay the price if it means a healthy and cruelty free dietary intake. It also helps that I have the luxury to do so. That said the price of organic isn’t in fact much more than what I pay at the supermarkets.

The groceries I purchased are just divine and included quinoa, goji berries, coconut butter, dried blueberries, chia bran and more.

I did however question ‘how good is it really if its all packaged and canned?’ So I did some research on organic packaged foods and look what I found.

I haven’t really been able to come across any evidence to suggest that because organic food is packaged that it is any less good for you. But lets just say if I wasn’t for convenience I would be making my own cashew butter rather than buying it.




Hello and good morning lovelies

Hubby and I started this morning with what I call breakfast in a cup. There are so many smoothie and juice variations out there that are not only delicious but also simple to make. All you need is your desired ingredients and a blender.

Smoothies aren’t just about fruit either, you can add your greens in just as I have done with this one.  The best part about making your own at home is that you have prepared it yourself so you know exactly what is in it.

Organic frozen berries
Organic soy milk
Organic flax meal
Organic agave nectar
Passionfruit from the garden

Have a lovely day everyone. Since I get an extra day off for the Easter break I know I will. x


This happens to be tonights dinner and my final post for the day. Did I seriously prepare and cook all the food in todays posts?! Yes I did and as long as I have the time this is what I prefer to do. The most beautiful aspect of this casserole is that my whole family can eat it, including my little one. As you can see in the last picture of this post, I have garnished the casserole with parmesan cheese which she loves but otherwise its vegan friendly.

Like most of the dishes I make for my little one, the ingredients are mainly organic, has zero processed sugar and salt and also easy to freeze. So for sheer convenience her meals are just about all ready to heat and serve.

If you haven’t tried quinoa, its just as easy as cooking rice and absolutely packed with goodness your body will love.

The ingredients
Organic pumpkin
Organic zucchini
Organic kidney beans
Organic white quinoa
Ground cumin
Organic coconut oil
Organic agave nectar



Quick and Easy Guide to Making Vegetable Curry

Hi everyone

I love making curry for the family as it’s quick, easy and tasty. For lunch today, I made hubby and I some vegetable curry which I can have again for lunch tomorrow and even enough to freeze for later down the week when I am too busy to cook.

I am certainly no pro at cooking curries so I tend to use curry paste from a jar and add in some extra bay leaves, pepper, agave nectar and galangal. For extra creaminess, I also  add in some coconut milk.

To serve, I just spoon some of the curry over brown rice and top it with some fresh coriander and roughly chopped almonds. Voila!

Since I am the only one in my immediate and extended family that is vegetarian, I tend to get asked how do you do it? Does that mean your husband and baby is vegetarian as well? So what do you eat?. Well peoples, you will be surprised how easy it really all is and what kinds of delicious foods I really do eat. This curry dish is one of many and whats great about curries is that I can easily add in meat for hubby. All I need to do is set some aside in a separate pot for me and then add the meat in the portion for him while its cooking.

You are very welcomed to message me for further information on this dish.