Hey there

Monday was my first day back at work after being on holidays for 2 weeks. Can you feel my joy?!

Just because I felt dull didn’t mean my outfit had to match that. Hence the nice pops of bright colours to spark up my day.

The feature of this outfit aside from my pumps are the cute bows on my jumper. It’s one of my more adorable looking pieces.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Jumper by Alannah Hill | Coat by Sunny Girl | Trousers by Banana Republic  Pumps by Nine West | Vintage handbag

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Many years ago I was reading the Vogue shopping blog at work and found out through a million other shoppaholics that there was an Alice McCall sale happening right next door. I hurried over to the sale and grabbed just about everything that I thought I’d fit into. That’s right I was so excited about getting my hands on these hot pieces that I didn’t even bother to try them on and just zipped my credit card through at the counter. I  am proud to say I still have all these items and will never ever grow tired of them. Today’s hot hypnotic dress included.

I have worn this number pre, during and post pregnancy and manage to get compliments every time. It definitely is a blessing to have lost the 20+ kilos I gained during my pregnancy. Credits to genetics!

Moral of this story. Don’t ditch the items you love and feel good about the body you’re in! It’s saved me from having to buy any new clothes these last 5 months.

Oufit breakdown (All items are old)
Dress by Alice McCall | Green Coat | Pumps by Zara | Vintage bag

Have a lovely night and thanks for reading this post.



Green is Good

Hello and good evening

Greens and salads have changed from being a side dish to a main dish in our household. Whereas meat has become the side dish. This wasn’t an easy lifestyle adjustment at first. However overtime since I was the cook, making something that satisfied both hubby and I became easier and as hubby’s cholesterol dramatically dropped in a matter of months it just worked.

My commitment to stay a healthy vegetarian has motivated me to experiment with different combinations of fruit and vegies for my salad creations. I confess they don’t all work but this one does. My new love for coconut butter, which I sprinkled over the top of tonights salad is amazing. I must add, I have never used coconut butter in salads before and was surprised that it was crumbly in texture rather than spreadable. It’s just delicious and I recommend if you have yet to try it.

Whats in the salad?
Pumpkin seeds
Figs from the garden
Organic coconut butter

Dressed with olive oil, organic agave nectar & organic apple cider vinegar.

So simple yet sooo damn good.