She’s mysterious, captivating and interesting.


Photographer & wardrobe styling: Sovanny Vu, Mode Madison
Model & Hair/Makeup: Pip Hicken, The Pip Art
Wearing: Mode Madison clothing, Mode Madison
Photoshoot inspired by: Vintage fashion



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Photographer: Lynda Nguyen, Lindy Lu Photography
Wardrobe stylist: Sovanny Vu, Mode Madison
Hair & makeup stylist: Cindy Siegemund
Model: Amrita Sharma


Hello lovers

I have held these particular images quite close. Whilst snippets have appeared here and there, many of you who visit my blog have yet to see them. I’ve waited for Mode Madison to launch. And well this day has finally arrived.

This collaboration in particular is special as it was the first time I was able to style models for a shoot as opposed to styling myself. The beautiful Amrita pictured truly did this photoshoot justice with the help of our talented photographer, and Hair and Makeup artist.

Special thanks to this wonderful team for producing this gorgeous vintage glamour photoshoot.

Sovanny x


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How much do you want it? This is a question that I’m always asking myself.

Over the span of my career, the opportunities I’ve been fortunate to have are the ones that I’ve had to work really hard to get. The more I want it, the harder I’ll work for it. An attitude that I sincerly thank my parents for.

It should therefore be no surprise that I’ve made the dream of becoming a stylist,  blogger and vintage seller come to life.

In the lead up to the launch on my e-boutique,  Mode Madison, I’ve been working with talented artists to produce a portfolio of photographs. Some of which will form part of my new website which I can’t wait to show each and everyone of you.

So much planning, work and effort goes into the production behind fashion photography even on a small scale. It’s therefore only fair that you get to see some of the amazing results when a photographer,  stylist, hair and makeup artist and models collaborate. Introducing the first of our 2 models from our recent vintage glamour phoot at Werribee Mansion.

I hope that you love these as much as I do.

Sovanny xx

– Model is wearing clothing and accessories from Mode Madison – e-Boutique –

Credits: Stylist – Sovanny Vu, Mode Madison || Photographer – Lynda Nguyen, Lindy Lu Photography || Hair & Makeup, Cindy Siegemund,  Cindy Siegemund Makeup Artist || Model, Guilia Nena

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Hello all

Late last week I revealed via Facebook that I’ll be launching my very own business. It’s a risk but one I am willing to take in order to finally pursue a profession in fashion and styling.

Prior to its launch, I’ve been quietly working behind the scenes to pull it all together. Needless to say, I love my new job and collaborating with other artists to make it all happen. The beauty about all of this is the opportunity to meet new people and promote local businesses and artist.

Set like a fairytale, here’s a behind the scenes preview of a collaboration that took place over the Queens Birthday holiday. Professional images and more details to follow.


Production Team: Clothing and Styling by Mode Madison || Photography by Lindy Lu Photography || Hair and makeup by Cindy Siegemund || Models Giulia Nena and Amrita Sharma

Thanks for stopping by.

Sovanny xx

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Hello lovelies

I set to work with basics for comfort. The outfit is so simple I thought I’d pair it with my much neglected leopard booties.

Outfit breakdown (all items are old)
Grey dip back top by asos | Trousers by Zara | Shoes from asos | Bag by Burberry

Thanks for reading. Xx




Hello everyone

I hope that you have all been well this week. Here in Melbourne it’s fabulous since there’s a slight hint of Spring in the air. Although this now means I’ll soon be packing away those Winter warmers and making more room in my tiny closet (that I share with my husband) for my spring and summer gear. I love this thought but wish I had a massive wardrobe so that I wouldn’t have to pack at all….right?!?!

As featured in this post, I’ve absolutely adored my red faux fur gilet which I’d been so lucky to get a hold of during an asos sale last year. It’s been so good to me and I’ve loved how it’s versatile enough to dress up and down. Before I pack it away for next year I wanted to do another 1 item 4 ways challenge (as seen here, here and here) featuring this gilet. So here it is.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.


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Hi everyone

My hairstyle has received so much attention in these last few months. It therefore only seemed fair to feature in an exclusive blog post. And after today’s trip to the hairdresser, I thought you would all appreciate a profile of all my sides.

In just under 7 months my hairstyle has gone from asymmetrical pixie to a side shave pixie and now shaving off both sides and the back. Whats in common with all these hairstyles? It’s extremely low maintenance.  When it comes to styling, I wet it, comb it down and voila! As a busy mum that’s really something to love.

If you were to look back at all my hairstyles in the last several decades you’d see quite the hair evolution.  The changes don’t come from the fact that I’m brave or don’t hair too much for my hair. Quite the opposite in fact. My hairstyles form part of my creative outlet and the confidence comes from knowing that my hair will grow back.

Although I’ve been mistaken for a man amongst other stereotypes, I love short hair and the fact that it doesn’t make me your average looking girl.

I hope you love this cut as much as I do.


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