Vegetable Pasta Topped with Cashew Butter & Sunflower Seeds

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Firstly, thanks for coming by and checking out this blog post.

Like many households we frequently turn to pasta for our meals. It’s quick, easy, tasty and I love that there are so many pasta variations. In addition, it’s also a dish that I can easily add meat to for my dear hubs and daughter. What’s unique about this pasta dish is that I have topped it with a spoonful of raw organic cashew butter. If you haven’t tried this, please do because its absolutely divine. There are alternatives out there so if you aren’t a fan of cashews, try macadamia, hazelnut or even peanut butter.

So whats in the dish
Olive oil
Powdered vegetable stock
Organic agave nectar
Sunflower seeds
Raw organic cashew butter

The simple cooking instructions

1. Cook the spaghetti noodles, following the instructions on the packet and then place in a strainer when ready.

2. While you allow the pasta noodles to cool, add a small amount of olive oil to the pan and toss in some garlic and onions. Lightly stir until brown and then add in your chopped up mushroom, tomato, carrot and capsicum.

3. Gently stir all your vegetables until slightly soft and then add in, a teaspoon of powdered vegetable stock and your desired amount of pepper, agave nectar, parsley and a little water. Continue to stir until all ingredients are well mixed in together.

4. Once vegetables are cooked and tomatoes are nice and soft, stir in the spaghetti noodles.

Serve hot with cashew butter, sunflower seeds and extra parsley.




Hello gorgeous people

For everyone in Melbs, I hope you all had a chance to enjoy todays beautiful Autumn sunshine. I am really glad that we had a break from the cold.

So heres another dish I made during the week that I would love to share with you! During the working week, I am really lazy with my dinners which is why I love making fried rice. What I love most about fried rice is that not only is it quick and easy, it doesn’t have to be the usual egg, carrots, corn & peas with rice. You can change it up, just like I have a use up all your left over vegetables. Plus you can use tofu instead of egg if you would like to make it vegan friendly.

As usual, I prep all my dinners the night before, so that when I come home I don’t have to stress about what we are going to have for dinner. I just pull out the goods from the fridge and get cracking with the cooking.

So whats in it?

:: Grains & Vegies
Organic brown rice
Organic carrots

:: Spices & Flavouring
Organic coconut oil
Powdered vegetable soup stock
Organic agave nectar

:: Garnish
Chilli flakes
Pickled hot peppers
Organic coconut butter

Simple instructions on how to make it

1. Start cooking the rice (I use a rice cooker). While thats cooking, start preparing (if you have not done so). Finely chop up your garlic, onion and ginger and set aside. Then wash up your vegetables, chop into small cube sizes and set aside. Open up and drain the tofu, chop into cubes and set aside.

2. Heat up a non-stick pot/pan (high heat), add in some coconut oil (olive oil is fine) and then toss in the onion, garlic and ginger. Stir and let it lightly brown.

3. Once the onion, garlic and ginger is lightly brown, add in all your vegetables, chopped up tofu and just enough water to help cook your vegetables and stop the pot from burning your veggies.

4. Add in pepper, cumin, powdered vegetable soup stock, organic agave nectar, tamari (qty depended on your taste) and then thoroughly stir in with all the vegetables.

5. Turn down the stove heat to, cover your pot/pan with a lid and let it all simmer until veggies are nice and soft

6. Once soft, add in the brown rice & gently stir.

7. Add in some more water, and cover the pot/pan with a lid and let it simmer for a while longer until water is reduced.

Done! Plate up the fried rice and serve it with some sprinkled chilli flakes, chopped up pickled hot peppers, crackers for some crunch, shaved organic coconut butter & chopped upparsley.


Yes, it does look like quite a few steps but its actually easier and quicker that it looks. Prep up all the vegetables like I do the night before and save even more time. To me, this is the modern way off cooking – thinking outside the traditional ingredients and making dishes your own.

It was delicious so I hope you enjoy it as much as we did 🙂



Raw Pasta

Evening all

So it turns out that my day didn’t go so well today. I had a sick little bubba so was doing most of my day to day activities with one hand and carrying a clingy baby in the other.

Luckily I prepared tonights dinner the night before. Since its raw, apart from the prep there’s not much cooking involved. I came across the Raw Food Sisters website whilst looking for some clean eating inspiration which is where I got the recipe from. My only variation is I added agave nectar to the sauce and served my dish up with some hommus and fresh snow pea sprouts. Thumbs up people! Clean, delish and simple to make. 

Think I might try making the raw risotto dish next.