Im Wearing: Top by Leonard St | Skirt by St John | Booties by Asos

Im Wearing: Top by Leonard St | Skirt by St John | Booties by Asos

Each morning, my husband takes the time to photograph me in outfits for my blog. He’s commitment to be my photographer and supporter throughout this years no shopping ordeal has been incredible. He is no photo-pro but with the pictures he has taken of me, I bet you thought he was.

While the photo taking process hasn’t always been easy with a little girl to look after (makes sure shes changed, fed, you’re dressed etc), I must admit, that since the squirt started walking, taking photographs amoungst everything else has become easier. She absolutely loves stepping out in the garden with us for a squeal, play and pose and we love having her in the photos.

As for my outfit, I don’t have much to say except that the combination of red and leopard print rocks! What do you think?

Much love

Sovanny x


Hello there gorgeous,

Although my style does lean more towards the casual side, I am not one for a particular sense of style. My outfits are generally based on my mood and how I am feeling which is why the clothing in my wardrobe is so diverse from glam to rock. I do now find that this hairstyle does bring a whole lot of edginess to what I do wear so it’s tricky to look completely conservative at work but I don’t mind it.

Today’s outfit was simply layered for our gorgeous Autumn weather. I am covered in solid colours and have added in my leopard print booties and vintage 70’s handbag to make the outfit a touch more interesting.

Since I have hardly given any love to these gorgeous leopard print booties, I have decided to make it my centrepiece for the entire working week. Make sure you check in daily for updates.

Outfit breakdown
Long sleeve black top
Blue dress by Modcloth
Dark green coat by Modcloth
Brown braided belt by Modcloth
Leopard print booties by asos still available here
Black vintage handbag

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Most of the time I am in heels for work. I feel it suits my general work  attire and helps that fact that I am vertically challenged.

I didn’t feel like wearing heels today though and a pair of pumps may have been more suitable for this outfit but these brogues are just as stylish and so very comfortable.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.



Hello lovelies

First things first. For everyone that has been following my blog. Thank you again! You have all been wonderful and extremely supportive. It feels both great and rewarding when you tell me that you love my blog 🙂 I haven’t properly blogged on here as much as I would have liked to lately and there are a few reasons for that. Including the launch of my new food and fitness blog – www.trendymommalifestyle.tumblr.com, which was inspired by my commitment to look and feel great on the inside. I know I seem to be committed to a lot of things lately but please do check it out if you haven’t already done so.

Now moving on with the fash…..Where on earth has this year gone?! I remember not knowing how I was going to last 365 days without purchasing any new clothing, when I stated my New Years resolution. However, now that I am over 4 months down the track, I feel like I can keep going and going. Completely driven and dedicated to seeing my resolution through, I have given love to my neglected wardrobe items, and as with todays burgundy criss cross back skater dress, become extremely creative with my wardrobe pairings. This dress has been blogged many times, with various other items and I fall more and more love with it every time. Those leopard booties and distressed denim biker jacket worked a treat with the dress. The style is comfortable meets sexy and versatile enough for our 4 seasons in a day kind of weather here in Melbourne.

Outfit break-down
Burgundy criss cross back skater dress
Leopard booties
Distressed denim biker jacket
Long strap faux fur handbag

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Week 4, February 1 item, 4 ways challenge – The little lace shirt 
Day 59 –The leopard effect

Its the final day of the 1 item, 4 ways challenge which basically wraps up February.

About 2 years ago I impulsively purchased this navy cocktail dress and since then have just never found the occasion to wear it. So 2 years later, I thought I would add it to this week’s challenge and wear it to the office. A cocktail dress to the office?! Why the hell not. I wore the little black lace shirt underneath which is just gorgeous and would you believe it is absolutely freezing today, so I also made use of my short red Japanese style coat. 

As for those leopard booties. Well they are really something and speak for themselves.

Outfit break-down
Navy satin cocktail dress
Black short sleeve lace shirt
Red Japanese style coat
Leopard booties
Chanel classic black flap bag


Week 4, February 1 item, 4 ways challenge – The little lace shirt
Day 57 – the 3 L’s

Leather, leopard and lace. Not over the top at all. In fact, it’s a fabulous combination if you have the right pieces. I have worn a white-t-shirt over my lace shirt to break up all the black and add some definition. This outfit is sexy yet so rock ‘n’ roll. 

Outfit break-down
Leopard pencil skirt
Short sleeve black lace shirt
Short sleeve white t-shirt 
Leather biker jacket (similar here)
Ankle boots
Black long strap vintage handbag (purchased here)
Aviator sunglasses