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As I write this post, I reminisce about the wonderful time we had in Paris during early March. As a family, we decided to catch the train from London to Paris where we’d appreciate all the city of love has to offer for 2 whole days before heading back to London. When we arrived, we were provided taxi priority as we had a child with us and greeted at our hotel with ‘you’ve brought the sun to Paris with you’. Apparently, they never thought they’d see the sun again.

For the two days, we stayed at the artsy Streets Hotel in Marais. Marais is a lovely spot bustling with great food, lovely people and tasteful boutique shops to appreciate and empty your pockets in.  We also managed to randomly find a lovely spot for lunch, Au Bourguignon Du Marais. Famous for their beef Bourguignon which my fussy husband gave a thumbs up to, I found the place comfortable and extremely family friendly. They also made the best french fries I’d ever tasted so if you ever pop in to Paris on your next trip with the family, I’d definitely recommend this place.

Aside for that, we had such a amazing time wandering around aimlessly for miles, walking by the river and seeing a few famous monuments. Nothing my husband and I have never seen before but this time we had our girl with us to share and appreciate the experiences. Something we have to do again, except the next time, we’d stay there for much longer.

Thanks again for reading and enjoy the images.

Sovanny x

Artsy decor in the Streets Hotel, Marais

Artsy decor in the Streets Hotel, Marais

Sun bathing in the fountain because we can

Sun bathing in the fountain because we can


Famous Notre Dame in view

Kisses by the Louvre

Kisses by the Louvre


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