Hey lovers

Feels like ages since I’ve appeared on the blog! Over these last few months I’ve been collecting gorgeous vintage pieces with the intention to have them available online at However time gets away so I haven’t had the time to dedicate to taking the images. Hence making them available at Lost and Found Market. This gorgeous velvet dress is one of the many I had intended to sell online. It’s so gorgeous and I can’t wait to have it hanging at my stall this weekend.


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Hello lovers

I wanted to share with you a little behind the scenes work from my recent collaboration with a talented photographer and make-up artist.

Several weeks before this photoshoot, one of my gorgeous girlfriends had thoughtfully sent me a link with an advertisement on Gumtree for a stylist that had a can-do attitude. I know! An advert on Gumtree! That’s how the world works these days. You meet a pool of talented people through social media and online and sometimes you don’t even get to meet the people you are working with until the day. I have been blown away by the opportunities and support network since doing this full-time. Getting back to the advert, I’m as can-do as they come so I contacted Cynthia (the gorgeous makeup artist) to get talking. I floated the idea of vintage clothes and a story line of 2 best friends, quitting their jobs, then spending their day at the beach before heading on an trip overseas. She loved the concept and the email chain between myself, Cynthia and Taran (our photographer) started.

As the fashion stylist, there is so much background work and coordinating that is invested into a photoshoot. Indeed it can vary, however for this project it included creating a mood board, casting for models, arranging fittings, working with other fashion retailers, sourcing props, scouting locations to being their on the day to help make the models look their best and in turn act as a director to help ensure the photographs are amazing. Then there’s of course the post production work that I will write about another day.

The results that come from something I am so passionate about is amazing and it couldn’t have been done without a great, creative and hard working team. With showers forecasted for the day of our photoshoot, our gorgeous models Simone and Jordan braved it in summer clothing whilst everyone had their hands on deck, baring the cold weather with them to make this project successful.

Before I wrap this post up, I want to thank our the wardrobe contributors Martin Fella Vintage and White November Jewellery for working with my upcoming boutique Mode Madison to create an unbelievable vintage beach themed wardrobe for our models. Props are important too so a big thank you to Kara and Sandy for the Vintage luggage. Post production photos and information on where you can purchase these incredible pieces to follow.

Thank you for reading.

Sovanny xx


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Hello everyone

I hope that you have all been well this week. Here in Melbourne it’s fabulous since there’s a slight hint of Spring in the air. Although this now means I’ll soon be packing away those Winter warmers and making more room in my tiny closet (that I share with my husband) for my spring and summer gear. I love this thought but wish I had a massive wardrobe so that I wouldn’t have to pack at all….right?!?!

As featured in this post, I’ve absolutely adored my red faux fur gilet which I’d been so lucky to get a hold of during an asos sale last year. It’s been so good to me and I’ve loved how it’s versatile enough to dress up and down. Before I pack it away for next year I wanted to do another 1 item 4 ways challenge (as seen here, here and here) featuring this gilet. So here it is.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.


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