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The world of vintage fashion has exploded over the past few years and I absolutely love it. I come from an area thats hip, grungy, gritty, eco and full of culture. I won’t deny that this has certainly influenced my appreciation for all things old and vintage. If you come over the my house, you’ll notice it too is old and most of all the furniture thats in it is vintage and retro. Yes it’s indeed an acquired taste but the beautiful thing about vintage is the quality is unmatched, the pieces are one of a kind and it also means that fashionistas around the world can wear a piece that has’t been mass produced.

As owner of Mode Madison – an online vintage store, I didn’t just want to handpick my garments and list them online for you to buy & own. I also wanted to create a visual experience by showing you how amazing each and every piece can look on everyday women. So when you log on to, you will see that not only is each gorgeous girl featured on my website in a Mode Madison garment but she’s either also been personally styled or photographed by me, if not both. Our lookbooks featuring a diversity of women is also available if you are ever looking for some style inspiration. Adding to these personal touches, I invited Busola Coutts from The Fashion Stir Fry to collaborate with me and show the world how to style a piece from the collection. I was of course overwhelmed with excitement when she said yes.

Busola had no idea what I was sending her but I was confident that she would do it justice. She has an amazing, creative & colourful fashion sense. Once more she’s full of personality, engaging, insightful and confident. From the moment, we met on Instagram – yes Instagram, I fell in love with her style and contagious smile. Although having only blogged since March last year, this beautiful momma of 1 that comes all the way from Toronto, Canada has an enormous following on all her social media channels. She really is an inspiration and I feel very honoured to have her rocking our ‘Dance with Me’ dress. Head over to her blog now to read more about how she’s styled this piece and even better join the amazing community of bloggers that she has going.

Make sure you also head over to Mode Madison to see more our collection. Finally don’t forget, we are alway looking for collaborators so please get in touch if you are interested.

Thanks for reading all.

Sovanny xx

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