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It’s been 316 days since I have updated my wardrobe with any new piece of clothing. I am amazed with myself because the me last year didn’t know how to keep her wallet closed.

This year has been about creating my own sense of style with a wardrobe full of old clothes. What I’ve called my contribution in minimising the environmental impact on my part. With this experience I’ve descovered items I have never worn or seen in a while. Then suddenly it feels like you have won something when you get a hand me down like the dress I’m wearing, because sometimes you do just want something else to wear.


Although this outfit is quite simple, the beauty is in the details. From the metallic pattern in the dress to the leather look collar and lapel in the blazer. Whilst this combination makes for a great Autumn look, I'm rocking this outfit in Spring because it's not that warm. The beauty of not conforming to what's on trend.


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Hey all

Can you believe Christmas is just weeks away? Since my new years resolution to not shop this year ends soon, it is the perfect time to spring clean my wardrobe. That way if I decide to indulge on a little guilt free shopping in the new year, there is room.

Part of my get rid of clothing strategy was for my girlfriend and I to have a stall set up at the Camberwell Markets. This place is the perfect flea market set up. However prepare to sell your items for pennies and work hard…..real hard to make any money. If 5am wake ups aren’t for you then perhaps donating or ebay would be the better option. For weeks leading up to the market day, I had been packing and labelling clothes and shoes with the goal to sell everything. I didn’t.. and while I was trying to get rid of my items, I couldn’t help but eye off my girlfriends clothing. She just had an abundance of clothes that I fancied and wanted.


In the end she gave me a few of her things including this orange and white check dress as gifts since she was sure it would never get worn by her again. As soon as the sun came out, I wasted no time and wore it. I love the colour, comfort and light texture. The dress is a little low cut and short so for a touch of extra modesty, I wore a black lace shirt underneath and added a gilet for some leg coverage.


Unlike mummy, my little fashionista gets a wardrobe update quite frequently. I try to not buy unnecessary things or waste money on expensive clothing and shoes since she has a growth spurt every few months so recently I dropped into Best and Less. This seasons range for girls is surprisingly awesome and I am loving the wide brim hats. Lets face it all… you can never have too many hats right.


At the Royal Melbourne Zoo butterfly house



Im wearing: Dress by Vangelista | Gilet by Vila | Black lace shirt | Boots by Spurr | Vintage Bag
Tot is wearing: Pink dress by Target | Cardigan by H&M | Sandals & Hat by Best & Less

Hope you like what we are wearing.

Once again, thanks so much for reading my post.

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Hello all

It has been the kind of week where there have been so many deliverables at work I have hardly had any time to scratch my arse let alone care about what I am going to wear. So as family then work comes first, the amount of time I have been able to allocate to this blog has unfortunately been quite dismal. Something that has been consistent on this end however is our crap Melbourne weather. Just as we were all beginning to get use to the lovely spring warmth it reverts back to the cold winter weather. The point here is that one or a few warm coats is always required in your wardrobe and there should be zero shame in wearing them throughout the year. Rather than a few, I admittedly have a section of the wardrobe full of jackets and coats. I alternate them depending the weather and the type of outfit that I am wearing on the day. I chose to wear my plaid blue cape for this work wear look. Coincidently it does fall in the blue clothing theme on my blog of late. Just a mood.Plaid does seem to be all the rage at the moment but whether in or out, I have never been able to escape it. In my eyes, it’s always been trendy. Coupled with my outfit is my cute little girl who loves the opportunity to be in these snaps. She is becoming quite the girly girl and loves her accessories. When I handed over my vintage bag to her she was so excited and squealed with excitement. The cutest thing to see and as always she sets my morning off to a great start every day. I love her to bits.

Outfit details (All items are old) Dress by Cue | Satin crop jacket by Charlie Brown | Plaid Cape by Asos | Pumps by Nine West | Vintage Bag

Love or hate. Let me know. Thanks for reading Sovanny xx


Hello all and hope you are having an awesome week!

Over the weekend, I said good-bye to these denim shorts as they tore along my left thigh. I distinctively remember hearing the tear as I squatted down to have a play in the sunshine with my little one. After that I continued to wear them through the day but the tear kept getting larger to the point where they were no longer classy to wear.


I absolutely loved these shorts and wore them all throughout this year with a combination of other outfits. I do however love the classic denim, black and white look. It’s too bad they were my only pair and I won’t be stocking up on another until the year is over. Argh, just over 2 months to go people.

Outfits Details (All items are old)
Denim Shorts by Topshop | White Sleeveless fringe shirt by Warehouse | Dip back top by Asos | Boots by Spurr | Sunglasses free from Clearly Contacts

Thank you for all your support and love. I am so grateful.

Sovanny x



Outfit Details (All items are old)
Trousers by Tokito (A variety here) | Top from Anthropologie | Green Coat By Sunny Girl | Pumps by Nine West | Bag by Burberry | Black Skinny Belt | Leopard Print Scarf

Hello everyone

This week, I discovered my incredible ability to store things away and completely forget about them. From clothing to makeup to food to toys. So you can imagine my excitement when I’m looking around for place to store food and randomly come across a collection of wide leg trousers. These trousers must have been tucked away since I was pregnant – over 2 years ago.

Indeed myself along with the rest of our fashion society has become obsessed with the skinny leg pants but oh my the reason whey I fell in love with wide legs in the first place all came back this week. Plus they fit better so in the wardrobe they go.

Thanks for reading all and I will catch you again soon.