Hello lovers

After having my second baby recently, my wardrobe has had to go through a huge change. Lately it’s all about what can I be bothered wearing if I got a chance to get out of my PJ’s. Mostly, it’s comfortable clothes that are loose, breathable, stretchy and most importantly breastfeeding worthy. If I can’t breastfeed my babe in the damn thing than I most likely won’t bother wearing it because I’ll have to take it off anyway. So the other week when I made a trip to a local store, I found this gorgeous bird printed playsuit that ticked all my boxes. Not only is this pretty on the eyes, but it’s perfect for our summer season, comes with an elasticated waist and the wrap top making it convenient to attend to my babes needs. Who knew that playsuits would make for a great postpartum outfit right.

I decided to style it with bright earrings gifted by my best friend, round shaped sunglasses and a fedora to give it that retro feel and flats for added walking comfort.

Hope you love the look and thanks for dropping in to read my post.


Tropical_MM_1 Tropical_MM_2 Tropical_MM_3 Tropical_MM_4 Tropical_MM_5

I’m wearing: Playsuit by E-Lady || Flats by Wittner Shoes || Hat from Anthropologie || Earrings from India || Sunglasses from Retrostar Vintage|| Necklace from Tiffany & Co 

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Hi all

If you’ve missed it, I’m collaborating with Littleboogaweezin, a label that offers fashion staples for modern mamas and kids. With my favourite piece from their current collection, I’ll be styling it in 6 different ways with a new look to debut every month.

Late last month you saw look #1 and in the next few weeks, there will be the launch of my second look which I’m really excited about.

I also have fellow six ways girls Gaelyn and Jess. So head over to their blog to see how they have styled their favourite pieces and show them some love.

Thanks for reading.

Sovanny xx

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Happy weekend lovers

Never mind the bed hair in these photographs because this post is all about the shoes. I purchased these to die for stilletto heel studded boots whilst I was in Barcelona not long ago. I can’t even tell you how many shops I’d browsed in before I found these on the sale rack. It was love at first sight so it only seemed fitting to pair it with my other fashion loves – the crop top and boyfriend jeans.

These boots will form a part of my winter wardrobe staples and I can’t wait to rock them with other stylish ensembles.

Thanks for dropping by all and let me know what you think of the outfit too.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Acid wash boyfriend jeans by Asos || Crop top by Zara || Boots by Bronx 

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Hello everyone!

When I came across these denim joggers in Zara at the Hong Kong airport, I grabbed them off the rack without even thinking twice. I mean, hello elasticated joggers made from denim!

Easily paired, I decided to tax my husbands top and beanie to create the perfect street/off-duty look. Indeed it’s far more casual than most of the looks on my blog, although I can assure it’s also the most comfortable outfit I’ve sported. I just wish the joggers came in different colours.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Denim Joggers by Zara || Mens boyfriend beanie by Asos || Mens sweater by Banana Republic || Hi-top wedges by Asos || Eagle necklace by Asos 

Squirt is wearing: Sweater by Target || Jeans by Target || Sneakers by Vans || Coat by Zara 

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Hello gorgeous

During a recent thrift shopping expedition at Retrostar, I stumbled upon this devine tartan dress.  Although the dress looked a little tired on the racks I knew that a little TLC would make it look as good as new. With a soft spot for tartan, I purchased it without the bother of trying it on.

Delighted by how the dress turned out after a simple dry clean, I wore it to work and needless to say it felt amazing on. That’s the gift of vintage finds. The one off pieces are beautiful, timeless and long lasting. Once more, it’s so easy to mix vintage and modern pieces together to pull off a sophisticated outfit. What do you think of the styling?

Thanks for reading lovelies xx


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Hi everyone

I have loved that not buying clothes for the last 11.5 months has forced me to maximise every piece in the wardrobe.  This personal project has also provided me with the opportunity to show the world that style is simply what you make of it. Along the way I’ve also been able to virtually meet and inspire fashionistas and other bloggers to curb there shopping appetites while taking pride it what they wear. 

There have been some hit and misses in the fashion department. I’m not always happy with the outfits I come up with and on weeks like this when I’m not feeling my best well, I end up not looking my best. I keep on going though because that’s just what I do. Soldier on.

Sovanny xx


image image Grease3

I'm wearing:  Jeans by H&M | Tunic by Religion UK | Heels by Michael Kors | Clutch by DKNY | Necklace from Asos

I’m wearing: Jeans by H&M | Tunic by Religion UK | Heels by Michael Kors | Clutch by DKNY | Necklace from Asos

I wore this outfit last Sunday and too my surprise hubs had captured a women with an 80’s cool in an outfit resembling that sexy black number Sandy wore in Grease.

In between the all the happenings at home, swimming classes and my nieces birthday party that day, I had started off looking like this. Then by mid morning I ended up switching those heels for hi-tops and then the hi-tops for boots later that afternoon. It was an eventful day so my shoes changed based on the occassion. My clothes however did not, since it was versatile enough to dress up or down. This is why jeans make the perfect fashion staple.

Thanks for reading all and hope you are digging this look.

p.s Don’t blame me if you can’t get the Grease theme song out of your head.

Sovanny xx