Week 4, February 1 item, 4 ways challenge – The little lace shirt 
Day 59 –The leopard effect

Its the final day of the 1 item, 4 ways challenge which basically wraps up February.

About 2 years ago I impulsively purchased this navy cocktail dress and since then have just never found the occasion to wear it. So 2 years later, I thought I would add it to this week’s challenge and wear it to the office. A cocktail dress to the office?! Why the hell not. I wore the little black lace shirt underneath which is just gorgeous and would you believe it is absolutely freezing today, so I also made use of my short red Japanese style coat. 

As for those leopard booties. Well they are really something and speak for themselves.

Outfit break-down
Navy satin cocktail dress
Black short sleeve lace shirt
Red Japanese style coat
Leopard booties
Chanel classic black flap bag


Week 4, February 1 item, 4 ways challenge – All abou the little lace shirt
Day 56 of no shopping – lace on lace

It is Monday, so I thought I could wear an outfit that is a combination fun, girly and cute to lift my ‘the weekend isn’t long enough’ mood. I have played it safe today with the colours and shades allowing the gorgeous lace pattern on my knit dress run the show. The cute skinny belt over my outfit was also a must to give me some shape.

It is hot out today, but just in case the air-con at work gets out of control I brought along with me the cutest blue lace jacket to throw over the top. The highlight however is my adorable 1950’s vintage purse handbag which I picked up at a local vintage store.

Outfit break-down
Sleeveless black and cream knit dress
Short sleeve black lace shirt
¾ length lace blue jacket
Maroon patent pumps
1950’s vintage purse handbag (purchased here)


My February 1 item, 4 ways challenge has been soo much fun. So far this month I have challenged myself with wearing a dress, blazer and leggings in 4 different ways.

My final subject for this challenge, is a little black lace shirt. To be honest, I found it difficult to put together my outfits for this week. I got there in the end but for a moment, it felt like I was running out of clothes and what I had just wasn’t enough. I get the feeling you know what I am talking about.

Heres hoping my efforts pay off in this weeks blog posts. I can’t wait to show you the outfits that I have put together.

P.s I wish I owned one of those wire mannequins so that I could post a better picture of this shirt for you. Apologies for my poor photography.

Trendy Momma xx


Week 3, February 1 item, 4 ways challenge

Day 53 – Tomboy

Feeling completely myself in this look. I have topped off this outfit with my husbands cap.

Vest by Satch
Hi-top wedges by Topshop

Happy Friday everyone.

Trendy Momma xx


Week 3, February 1 item, 4 ways challenge

Day 51 – the best-friend tunic

This look has been done over and over again using the same tunic and different leggings. I have branded it the best-friend tunic simply because it was a gift from my best friend many years ago.

Tunics provide great butt coverage (great for see-through leggings) and you don’t need to worry about those exposed panty lines either.

Tunic by Wish
Shoes by Zara
Coat by Emanuella.Y


Todays style inspiration comes from Beyonce who does the most fabulous job in showing off her curves in a playsuit.

This little number is quite short so I have thrown over a vest to keep the look a little more modest.

Playsuit by Glassons  | Vest by Honey & Beau  | Wedge hi-tops by Topshop