post baby style


Hey lovers

Most vintage dresses come from an era where clothes were tailored rather than mass produced.  Hence the unique sizing in each individual garment. On that note,  it also varies from decade to decade. Confused yet?! My tip is to not look at the sizing and just try it on. Then once you’ve tried it on, don’t be afraid to own it.

Having had a baby recently, my body now carries curves that I’ve embraced with open arms. I don’t give a shit that I’m weightier, feel absolutely no rush to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and try to not let people get me down. After all I did just pop out a human being. My friends have commented on how great I look (thank you) and I believe that has to do with my confidence and dressing for my figure.  With this new body, I now also have the opportunity to strut in vintage outfits that would have otherwise been to large me a year ago. Score!

Hope you love the look.

Sovanny x

I’m wearing: ‘Hey Devine’ vintage dress from Mode Madison || Shoes from Nine West || Hair clips from Kmart Australia || Necklace from Lovisa

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