Outfit Details (All items are old)
Trousers by Tokito (A variety here) | Top from Anthropologie | Green Coat By Sunny Girl | Pumps by Nine West | Bag by Burberry | Black Skinny Belt | Leopard Print Scarf

Hello everyone

This week, I discovered my incredible ability to store things away and completely forget about them. From clothing to makeup to food to toys. So you can imagine my excitement when I’m looking around for place to store food and randomly come across a collection of wide leg trousers. These trousers must have been tucked away since I was pregnant – over 2 years ago.

Indeed myself along with the rest of our fashion society has become obsessed with the skinny leg pants but oh my the reason whey I fell in love with wide legs in the first place all came back this week. Plus they fit better so in the wardrobe they go.

Thanks for reading all and I will catch you again soon.



Hello there

This year, I have had so much fun re-discovering all the hidden pieces in my wardrobe and wearing them again. In fact, I haven’t just been wearing them but creating unique outfits and pairings that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought about 9 months ago.

Take this origami inspired dress for example. About a decade ago, I remember heading out to Subiaco, Perth for an early morning shopping spree (as you do) and instantly falling in love with it.

I’m so pleased that I snapped it up because I don’t think the shop even exists anymore. Over the years, I have worn the dress for fun flirty occasions, but when I caught sight of it the other day jammed in my tiny wardrobe, I couldn’t help but pull it out and wear it to work. I’m just lucky enough to get away with it.

Enjoy whats to come this week, take risks, be happy, appreciate what you have and as always thanks so much for reading my post.

Sovanny x

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Dress by Ngami | Coat from Modcloth |  Shoes by Nine West | Vintage bag


Hello hello

I kept my outfit extremely casual for work today. Mostly because I decided that this morning it was more important to sleep in a little and less important to get dressed up for work. Most nights I do a bit of prep by selecting my work clothes the night before. However since I returned back from holidays a few weeks ago, I just can seem to get my shit together. From my clothes, to my workouts to my eating habits- It’s all off and not in a good way. “Is this normal?” I ask myself and no it isn’t. Something is wrong with me because I have been feeling extremely tired and unmotivated lately. See I’m normal after all.

Cheers to wrapping up this freaking week because it feels like hell and back to the normal me next week.

Outfit breakdown
Tunic by Religion | Cardigan by Sportscraft | Coat from Modcloth | Trousers by Banana Republic | Patent pumps by Nine West | Bag by Burberry

Thanks for visiting and see you next time. I promise the next post will sound more bubbly then this one.


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Thanks so much for following my new years resolution blog.

Do you have wardrobe items that you wear over and over again even though there are likely to be an abundance of other items to be worn? I do. Many in fact. It would be the reason as to why I already have so many pictures of this dress (here, here, here & here) on my blog.

You have to however give me some credit for all the outfit variations using this same dress. It comes with it’s versatility and my personal commitment not buy any more clothes. Makes me proud.

I hope this post provides you with some inspiration and ideas. As I have mentioned before, you don’t have to constantly update your wardrobe to look good.

Until next time. xxx

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Ever since I purchased this vintage royal blue blouse (many years ago) I have been absolutely dieing to wear it! I never knew what to wear with it though or how to wear it so it fell in the too hard basket of clothes.

Today I have worn it over a black fitted top for some warmth and coverage then sort of crossed the front over and tucked it in my trousers. The colour and uniqueness of this blouse is so good it seriously takes the clumsy out of how I have worn it.

I will be stashing this blouse in next weeks hit list and wearing it some other way. Always room for improvement. So much potential in this top and I can’t wait to experiment some more.

Thanks for reading and cheers to wrapping up the working week.

Outfit breakdown
Black top Royal blue and silver blouse(vintage) | Navy trousers by Zara | Black pumps by Zara | Vintage bag | Black coat



This week has been all about adding pops of colour to my outfits. Today it’s a striking emerald green wrap blouse.

I have had all these items for years however have never worn them in this combination. The look definitely isn’t anything groundbreaking.  Although it just goes to show much I use to shop for new items rather then mixing and matching what I already own.

You will also notice the outfit is on the lady like side of the table. Certainly not I look I thought to pull of with this hair cut but I think I have done just fine.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Black dress by Cue also worn here | Green wrap blouse by BCBGMaxazria  | Coat by Alannah HIll | Pumps by Zara

Lots of love and thank you for reading this post.



I am normally not one for colours. In fact, my wardrobe could be stripped right back to just black, white, grey and blue.  However, I felt that the working week needed to start off with a colour less dull than the weather of late.

Whilst I had selected a blue blazer the night before to wear over my outfit, I decided to ditch it for my neglected bright fuchsia coloured coat. The colour combination was perfect and I stood out like a highlighter at work.

I can’t help but feel proud when I make the effort to wear something I normally wouldn’t because it’s a step towards meeting my new year’s resolution.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Purple Satin cap sleeve satin dress by Cue | Black leather look cut out top by Zara Fuchsia coat from Macy’s | Beige pumps by Zara | Vintage bag

Thanks for coming by and I hope you love this outfit.