Mode Madsion is really feeling the 90’s right now. In line with this vibe, we’ve now stocked dozens of nylon jackets in the coolest patterns. Here are just some of what we’ve got in store now at Lost & Found Market, Brunswick East.

Own your own very unique jacket today!


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Hey lovers

Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with My Boutique, an online store owned and operated by local Victorian Dani. My Boutique was founded in 2010 and stocks deliciously fashionable clothing, jewellery, accessories and homewares. The best part is, nothing is over $100 so it’s all absolutely affordable.


Through styling some of their current season pieces, I also had the honour of getting to know a little more about Dani, her online store and where she draws her inspiration from.

In three words, describe yourself

Passionate, ambitious, positive.

Tell us about My Boutique and the inspiration behind creating your own online business

I’ve always loved fashion but never thought I’d end up in the fashion industry. My parents run their own business and I’ve always learnt good business practice and buying skills through them. My business started as hobby but over the past year it is quickly becoming more than that! Online seemed like the way to go as I was (and still am) working full time when I started My Boutique – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are some of your most popular/favourite pieces in the My Boutique collection?

My most popular and favourite would have to be my Harper skirts. They are the perfect mid-length skirt that is flattering on anyone. I love the Onyx print the best and it seems my customers do too!

Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

Everywhere! My travels, Instagram, my friends and basically anywhere I go. I’ll see a cute style of clothing or a colour that pops out at you and I create it into my own flavour.

Can you give us a little insight into what we can expect as part if the AW collection?

My Boutique won’t be doing an AW collection this year. There are even bigger and better things coming for Spring/Summer so I’m trying to utilise the break over the cooler months to prepare myself for another expansion of My Boutique. Watch this space.

Do you have any advice for those who want to start their own business?

Keep at it. There’s going to be times where you make little to no money and things can seem like they’re getting nowhere. All you need is passion and patience and everything else will follow.


Playsuits and jumpsuits are a great summer staple and then there’s this amazing laser cut clutch which comes in an array of gorgeous colours and designs. Both from My Boutique which I’ve decidedly styled with a biker jacket, platform boots and hair bow for that edgy retro feel. Head over to to shop their collection.


I’m wearing: Juliet jumpsuit and Cassie clutch from My Boutique || Shoes from Asos || Old leopard print scarf || Sunglasses from Retrostar Vintage || Biker jacket from Ebay

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Hey lovers

Vintage and thrift finds is an extremely economical way to shop. The best part about shopping this way is that you are more like to score yourself one off stylish pieces that won’t hurt your bank account. Of course not all of us want to look like we’ve stepped back in time but here’s the thing…you don’t have to.

What I love doing is mixing vintage and modern pieces to create a look that’s unique, yet won’t have heads turning for all the wrong reasons. It can be hard to do this right so if you’re starting out, my suggestion is to keep the colour palette basic and add in a few simple accessories. Of course if you’re game, do add in extra colours and textures to your outfit and go bold on the hair and makeup.

Since it’s our summer, I’ve gone for simple feminine colours and created this look with a mix of modern clothes and vintage accessories. It’s comfortable, casual and does not scream over the top.

Love the look?

Thanks for dropping in x


I’m wearing: Tee by The LB Brand || Jelly sandals and necklace from Asos || Vintage bag from Savers || Skirt by St John || Sunglasses from Retrostar Vintage

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Hello and welcome to Mode Madison!

Do you remember TLC?! As a teenager I was completely obsessed with this hip-hop girl group. To me they were an inspiration (still are) and I saved every penny I had to purchase the Crazy Sexy Cool album back in the day which I still have as part of my CD collection. You could imagine my excitement when I came across the band t-shirt.

Set in front of some local street art, I took advantage of the length of this tee and bared my legs for the shoot. I couldn’t resist incorporating a little vintage to go with the whole old school theme therefore deciding to style it with a rare vintage sequin vest, biker jacket and my new stud boots.

We all have our band obsessions so who was yours as a teen?

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: TLC band t-shirt from H&M || Vintage sequin vest (available soon on || Boots by Bronx || Necklace as bracelet from Asos || Old bangles from Savers

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Hello gorgeous

Over the years, online shopping has been an absolute life saver. As a creature of convenience I loved the simple concept of surfing the web, adding things I wanted in a virtual basket and then checking out with my credit card. It meant I saved time and didn’t have to deal with all the crowds. Thrift shopping however has given me a whole new experience. Not only does it take me away from the virtual world of convenience, it requires me to also patiently go through endless racks of clothing before I find a desirable piece. Needless to say thrifting was frustrating at first but, one off vintage items like this dress make the experience all the worth while. What do you think of the outfit? Thanks all. Sovanny xx

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Hello gorgeous

When the person behind the lens is passionate about the art of photography, the end result is absolutely amazing.

For months, I have thought about the day when my dear friend Lynda (from Lindy Lu Photography ) and I would work together on a fashion shoot. It took months to make this happen, because I wanted the concept behind the photo-shoot to be both unique and personal. Once more, I wanted the photographs to depict a part of the person that I am today.

Today, I’m a mother who’s bold and confident in her own skin. One that loves to shop but is no longer an extreme consumerist. One that loves expensive clothing but is more than happy to shop at Savers. One that knows a vintage or second-hand piece can look just a flattering as any new item. One that would rather spend money on her daughter than herself. One that would invest money on a good time rather than clothes. One that wants to contribute to a more eco-friendly existance. While motherhood does not define the person that I am, the experience to date has had an immense influence on the changes in my behaviour and perspective to the world of consumerism.

With this short representation, a beautiful retro concept was created which aims to capture me in the present day. Permission was granted for us to utilise a closed down petrol station as the back drop, while a dear friend of Lynda’s gave us use of an old Ford Cortina as the prop. Modelling in clothes that were either old or second-hand, I found this experience both liberating and satisfying. Best of all, I was able to work with a friend that shared the same values as I. I am so excited to be sharing these swagging photographs with you and hope that you love this personal piece.

Thank you for reading.

Sovanny x


Credits:: A special thanks to Lynda from Lindy Lu Photography for all her work and photographs, Tim Dinh for lending us the cars and Andy owner of Andy’s Service Station, Sunshine for the exclusive use of his site.

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