Hello and Happy Monday everyone.

The dress code is very relaxed at my workplace. In fact, most days like today I’m too corporate and over dressed.

My general motto is look good, feel good. So I do like to put in that little effort that I have very little time for. I’m talking 20 minutes. Yes that’s right. Indeed I do have a toddler that my husband so generously looks after while I get dressed but I’ve always been one to get my face and clothes on quickly. Just as we’ll because otherwise I’d have no time for pictures.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Suit by Satch | Top by Alannah Hill | Shoes by Nine West | Vintage bag | Vintage brooch

Thanks for coming by babes. Until next time. Xx


Week 3, February 1 item, 4 ways challenge

Day 53 – Tomboy

Feeling completely myself in this look. I have topped off this outfit with my husbands cap.

Vest by Satch
Hi-top wedges by Topshop

Happy Friday everyone.

Trendy Momma xx


Week 3, February 1 item, 4 ways challenge

Day 49 – suit up

I, for a very long time have loved the suit jacket, shirt and leggings combination. It’s rare that I wear a complete suit as I much prefer to mix and match my outfit with a variety of tops, jackets, bottoms and shoes and you can do the same to go with your sense of style.  I was inspired by Olivia Palermo to add in a pussy bow to this look using a fabric belt.

Shirt by Warehouse
Suit Jacket by Satch
Shoes by Zara


Snapped before heading to work – day 3. The best thing about this outfit is that I was also able to wear every piece in the early days of pregnancy. The blouse has has an elasticated back, the vest and blazer can be worn un-buttoned and best of all the ponte leggings have an elasticated waist. Good characteristics to look out for if you are planning for a baby and want to maximise wear out of your clothing.

Short sleeve blouse by Barkins
Vest by Satch
Blazer by Zara
Ponte leggings by MNG
Shoes by Zara
Hobo bag by Burberry