Hello gorgeous

During a recent thrift shopping expedition at Retrostar, I stumbled upon this devine tartan dress.  Although the dress looked a little tired on the racks I knew that a little TLC would make it look as good as new. With a soft spot for tartan, I purchased it without the bother of trying it on.

Delighted by how the dress turned out after a simple dry clean, I wore it to work and needless to say it felt amazing on. That’s the gift of vintage finds. The one off pieces are beautiful, timeless and long lasting. Once more, it’s so easy to mix vintage and modern pieces together to pull off a sophisticated outfit. What do you think of the styling?

Thanks for reading lovelies xx


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I'm wearing: Playsuit by Venom | Heels by Nine West | Bag by DVF | Head piece by Lovisa Jewellery | Necklace by Pam Hiran

I’m wearing: Playsuit by Venom | Heels by Nine West | Bag by DVF | Head piece by Lovisa Jewellery | Necklace by Pam Hiram

Hello gorgeous

Shopping for the first time in the new year feels both liberating and guilty. You would think that after an entire year of not shopping for any clothes it would feel incredible, however ‘retail therapy’ just doesn’t feel as good as it use to. I will admit that the latest shopping trip with my girlfriends was a lot of fun. Although if it wasn’t for having them around I’d be bored.

My very first purchase was this colourful playsuit and I have been itching to show it to you. I was feeling particularly glamorous that day so I decided that I wanted to dress it up with a gorgeous headpiece (reminding hubs of Caesar) and heels. For a more casual look, the playsuit is easily styled down with some sandals for the beach or a lunch date with friends. Best of all its comfortable and a perfect piece for our Australian Summer.

So here it is all and hope that you love it just as much as I do. Tell me what you think.

As always, thank you for reading.

Sovanny xx

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Hey all

How was the weekend for everyone? Ours was enjoyable but hectic. As my weekend starts on Friday, it was decided that I use the one just passed to get my car fixed and whilst it gets fixed, head in to the local shopping centre and hangout with my baby girl. At the car drop off, I was told that I would not have my car for the ENTIRE day. OMG. I was in the burbs so had no choice but to spend a whole day at the shopping centre! Naturally I was quite excited however as it turns out, I hated the now rare experience. I blew so much money that day on food, on the movies, on more food and on accessories that I’m certain I did not need. I have been so use to a shopping free experience this year that now I feel absolutely guilty when I do shop….even if it’s not breaching my commitment to no new clothes.

So those beautiful accessories that I’m so guilty about…The damage was all done in Lovisa! Too be honest, this was my first time purchasing anything from this store. I am therefore unsure of the quality of their products however I do know I’m in love with so many of their current pieces. I splurged on some great statement necklaces and keen to feature them in my upcoming blog posts beginning with the one today.


The beaded bib is colourful and busy so I thought it would be fitting to wear over what my husband calls the hypnotic dress (because of the white swirls) from one of my favourite designers.

Im wearing: Dress by Alice McCall | Blazer by Zara | Heels by Nine West | Bag by Chanel | Statement necklace by Lovisa

Im wearing: Dress by Alice McCall | Blazer by Zara | Heels by Nine West | Bag by Chanel | Statement necklace by Lovisa

Since there was so much going on with the bib and dress, I didn’t want a pattern overkill so kept it simple when it came to my blazer, bag and shoes.

hypnotic hypnotic2

Hope you love the look.

Thanks for reading. Sovanny xx

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Hey all

Can you believe Christmas is just weeks away? Since my new years resolution to not shop this year ends soon, it is the perfect time to spring clean my wardrobe. That way if I decide to indulge on a little guilt free shopping in the new year, there is room.

Part of my get rid of clothing strategy was for my girlfriend and I to have a stall set up at the Camberwell Markets. This place is the perfect flea market set up. However prepare to sell your items for pennies and work hard…..real hard to make any money. If 5am wake ups aren’t for you then perhaps donating or ebay would be the better option. For weeks leading up to the market day, I had been packing and labelling clothes and shoes with the goal to sell everything. I didn’t.. and while I was trying to get rid of my items, I couldn’t help but eye off my girlfriends clothing. She just had an abundance of clothes that I fancied and wanted.


In the end she gave me a few of her things including this orange and white check dress as gifts since she was sure it would never get worn by her again. As soon as the sun came out, I wasted no time and wore it. I love the colour, comfort and light texture. The dress is a little low cut and short so for a touch of extra modesty, I wore a black lace shirt underneath and added a gilet for some leg coverage.


Unlike mummy, my little fashionista gets a wardrobe update quite frequently. I try to not buy unnecessary things or waste money on expensive clothing and shoes since she has a growth spurt every few months so recently I dropped into Best and Less. This seasons range for girls is surprisingly awesome and I am loving the wide brim hats. Lets face it all… you can never have too many hats right.


At the Royal Melbourne Zoo butterfly house



Im wearing: Dress by Vangelista | Gilet by Vila | Black lace shirt | Boots by Spurr | Vintage Bag
Tot is wearing: Pink dress by Target | Cardigan by H&M | Sandals & Hat by Best & Less

Hope you like what we are wearing.

Once again, thanks so much for reading my post.

Sovanny x


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Hi all

My commitment to not by any new clothes for this entire year, at the time seemed like the hardest thing I’d ever do. For months I remember stalking shopping websites and shop fronts yearning for clothes that I knew I was never going to own.  It was difficult but temptations never got the better of me and whilst I still love to browse online, the once addicted and impulsive shopper no longer exists.

The birth of my daughter in early 2012 may have had something to do with the rationale behind my crazy new years resolution. Although for the most part, my commitment  was driven by my needs rather than wants. The need to re-prioritise my expenditure, the need to be less of a consumerist, the need to minimise my carbon footprint , the need to be more creative, the need to be more of a responsible mother and the need to appreciate what I already have instead of my desires.

Ten months into this year, my closest friends and awesome followers often wonder how I do it. If I have inspired you at all to think twice about actively shopping, my tip would be to have a conservative and achievable approach. For instance I committed to no new clothes so this in fact did not extend to shoes and accessories.  That said, I didn’t exactly splurge either. Surprisingly, my shopping appetite seemed to curb at all levels. I haven’t even used the Zara voucher my friends gave me in May this year. Aside from that, my wardrobe was extensive enough to give me a variety of options and luckily enough my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit my post baby body.

All in all, like the outfit for this post, I am proud about the outfits I have created, the clothes I managed to finally wear and my ability to show you that you can still look and feel good without the need to update your wardrobe. Whilst I am counting down the days so I can freely shop again, I do believe that this commitment has changed me as a person. I will never be that impulsive shopper and heavy consumerist I once was.

As always thank you for reading and following my journey.

Outfit details (All items are old)
Dress by Cue | Leather biker jacket by Topshop | Shoes by Nine West | Bag by Burberry

Sovanny x


Hey all

I started blogging when my daughter was a mere 10 months old. She wasn’t so mobile at that stage so taking photographs without the constant photo bombing just never happened until recently. My little one now loves to step in front of the camera and say ‘cheeese’. At first, I found it a distraction but now, I love it and as you can see we get the opportunity to take some fabulous yet candid mother and daughter snaps.

Featuring Minnie Mouse and a rice cracker

Featuring Minnie Mouse and a rice cracker

Mummy can't have all the fun right?

Mummy can’t have all the fun right?


I think these photographs are so wonderful (biased of course), that I may feature her more often on my blog going forward. What do you think?

My outfit, was all for the Master Chef High Tea experience at Crown Entertainment Centre yesterday. The sun was shining so it only felt appropriate to be wearing something with so much colour. I was also quite excited about giving this skirt a whirl for the first time. It was an impulse buy about 3 years ago and after I bought it, I fell pregnant so there you go. Excuses aside, buying clothes but not necessarily wearing them was an old habit of mine and thank goodness I have kicked it to the curb by committing to my new years resolution.

My blog does feature quite a few maxi skirt meets hi-tops looks as seen here and here. The sneakers are mostly for comfort and height (so perfect, it avoids having my skirt dragged along the floor) but I also love that it screams feminine meets street style when paired with a skirt.

Outfit Breakdown (All items are old)
Skirt by Finders Keepers | Top from Anthropologie | Hi-tops by Topshop | Bag by Diane Von Furstenberg

Thanks for reading and enjoy the week ahead.

Sovanny x



Hello and happy Monday!

During my glorious shopping days, I loved purchasing all my work basics at Zara, Anthropologie and Banana Republic. Although Zara finally opened stores in Australia we’re still patiently waiting on the others. Just as well since I have banned myself from buying any new clothing this year but….I am really hoping for Anthropolie to be here some day.

Today’s outfit for work is a neat casual ensemble of overseas purchases. A blazer and bag from London, top and trousers from the States and shoes from Hong Kong. It doesn’t sound healthy for our Australian economy however we unfortunately aren’t as competitive on stock or price.

Next year, whilst I do plan to refresh my wardrobe, I’m thinking I could do more trift (I happen to live in area full of amazing vintage stores) shopping locally. That way I will be throwing money into our economy and still contributing to less consumerism. This plan sounds exciting already doesn’t it?

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Peacock top by Anthropologie | Blazer by Zara | Trousers by Banana Republic | Bag by Burberry | Shoes by Milan & Co.

Thanks for popping by my blog everyone.