Hi everyone

My hairstyle has received so much attention in these last few months. It therefore only seemed fair to feature in an exclusive blog post. And after today’s trip to the hairdresser, I thought you would all appreciate a profile of all my sides.

In just under 7 months my hairstyle has gone from asymmetrical pixie to a side shave pixie and now shaving off both sides and the back. Whats in common with all these hairstyles? It’s extremely low maintenance.  When it comes to styling, I wet it, comb it down and voila! As a busy mum that’s really something to love.

If you were to look back at all my hairstyles in the last several decades you’d see quite the hair evolution.  The changes don’t come from the fact that I’m brave or don’t hair too much for my hair. Quite the opposite in fact. My hairstyles form part of my creative outlet and the confidence comes from knowing that my hair will grow back.

Although I’ve been mistaken for a man amongst other stereotypes, I love short hair and the fact that it doesn’t make me your average looking girl.

I hope you love this cut as much as I do.


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Hello lovelies

After a rough night I felt pretty average in the morning and quickly threw this outfit together as I was running late for work. Definitely not my best ensemble. In fact, without my green patent pumps I would have looked extremely daggy.

Lesson of the day. Shoes complete the outfit.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Long sleeve top by Anne Taylor | White fringe shirt by Warehous | Leggings by Zar | Cardigan by Alice McCall | Pumps by Nine West | Bag by Burberry

Thanks for reading.


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Hello gorgeous people

I wore this outfit on Sunday so this post is a little delayed. I had to post about it though because there’s a little story behind these trousers.

For those that have been following me for quite some time now, you will all be aware that I committed to not purchase any new clothing for the entire 2013. As crazy as this commitment sounds I have no new clothes and everything I have blogged about to date is old- this years effort to contribute to less cosumerism and still remain as stylish as possible.

These trousers are one of three that I purchased from Banana Republic back in 2010. They were straight legged trousers with slightly flarred bottoms. I no longer liked the cut of these trousers but I didn’t want them to go to waste either. Also since petite trousers with just the perfect length for me are so darn hard to come by and new trousers aren’t an option I took them to the tailors. I had the all trousers modified requesting to have them cut in narrow down the legs. They turned out beautifully.

Things have certainly changed since I never do this. My old self would have donated these trousers or simply left them in a dark place never to be worn again. So there you go. A little something to think about for all those items you own that may never be worn again.

I know this story may not seem significant but it is! No new clothes for a year is a huge commitment for someone who’s a clothes lover to make.

Thanks for reading. Xxx


Melbourne is world famous for its 4 seasons a day weather.  It’s a place that provides great weather for layering because you never know when you might just need to put that top back on or take it  off.

Whats great about this denim boiler suit is it’s comfortable and great for when the weather is not hot nor cold. It’s also easily dressed up with a pair of heels or dressed down with some high tops. An absolute wardrobe essential for me.

We are off to lunch so I thought I’d pretty it up a little with these lace up heels and vintage bag.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Boilersuit by asos | Jacket by Marc by Marc Jacobs | Heels by Boston Babes | Black Vintage bag

Thanks for reading.



Hello lovelies

Firstly sorry about the quality of these photos. It was cold and dark this morning so the lighting didn’t quite work in our favour. Nevertheless, hubs who takes all my pictures tried his best using my mobile phone. Truth be told like most bloggers, we do have a pro camera but it’s just so much more convenient to use my phone for all the photos.

Today’s smart casual look was layered with one of a few trench coats I own. I love the colour of this coat, the fact that it’s lightweight enough to feel comfortable on, large enough to layer, and thick enough to keep me warm.

It works really well with that Burberry bag too don’t you think? Not to mention the lasercut top that I am completely obsessed with at the moment.

Thanks for reading.



Starting off the week with a good morning to all the lovely readers.

The chill has definitely kicked in but good news is I will be rugging up for the next 4 weeks and then it’s hello Hawaii where I will stripping down to Summer gear. I cannot wait!

Outfit breakdown
Purple floral shirt by Sportscraft | Purple cardigan from Anthropologie
Green overcoat from Modcloth | Ponte leggings by MNG |Boots
Bag by Burberry

Thanks for coming by. Xx