Good morning lovelies

Like many others I have read about the health benefits of green juicing. So since my indulgences over our long weekend has been quite taxing on my body, I thought it was finally time to begin this daily juicing ritual.

Due to sheer laziness (hate cleaning) I have avoided using this juicer that I was gifted to me well over 2 years ago. You are required to cut you fruits and vegies in narrow pieces and then washing the juicer itself is a bitch. I find the preparation and cleaning so much easier with a blender.

That said it’s manageable if you prepare your fruits and vegetables in advance plus the feel good factor once you’ve enjoyed your drink makes it all the worth while. The juice pulp can also be used in your sald mix which is exactly what I will be doing today. Best part is- it’s already all chopped up.

So whats in this green juice
2 celery stalks (with leaves on)
1 big handful of spinach
2 golden kiwifruits (skin on)
2 pink lady apples (skin on)
1 pear (skin on)

Its fresh, delicious and goes down easy. My little tot enjoyed some too.

Makes 2 glasses and its recommended to consume on the day for maximum benefits.

Thanks for reading and I hope this post has inspired you to begin juicing.



Hello lovelies

Once again, a basic recipe that I thought I would share which your little one might enjoy.

If you do a google search for congee you will notice that like pasta dishes, there are many congee variations and recipes.

Growing up, my mum would mostly make us an elaborate congee for breakfast and basic congee for when when the kids were feeling unwell. When unwell, as a child I remember it being the perfect food. Not only was it easy to swallow, the fact that it was bland also made easy to digest and would keep my tummy nice and warm.

Now, on the rare occasion I would make my husband and I congee for breakfast however, it has been a really long time. So over the Easter weekend during a visit to see my girlfriend and her family, she brought back memories when I saw her feeding her little man some congee for breakfast. My little girl couldn’t just sit and watch her friend eat, so she had to have some too. One and a half small bowls in fact. This was also about the same time little M started to feel unwell and (as they do) become really fussy with her food. I was therefore ecstatic when she polished the dish.

So for the next few days while I focused on looking after her and getting as much calories into my unwell bub, she downed congee for lunch and dinner 🙂

Whats in this congee?

1 cup of white rice
1 mushroom
A handful of spinach

The basic instructions on how to make

1. Rinse the rice in a small pot, then add approximately 3-4 cups of water and place the pot on a stove over high heat.

2. While you are waiting for the water to boil, finely chop up the mushroom and spinach. Once the water starts to boil, turn down the heat and cover the pot with a lid.

3. Occasionally check on the rice and when it appears just about cooked, add in the mushrooms and spinach, then turn up the heat and bring to boil for about 5 minutes.

4. Turn down the heat and place the lid on the pot again. Let the congee simmer for 5-10 minutes.

5. Your congee should now look like rice soup. Once the rice tastes soft enough to eat, turn the stove off and let the congee cool. You will notice that when the congee cools, the rice would have soaked up most of the water.

Serve warm.

You can make it fresh on the day and it should take you no longer than 30 mins. The second day I also added tiny bits of ginger to the congee as an effort to help aid recovery but I will leave that up to you and your bubs taste buds.

Thanks for reading and if all else fails on the food front, do keep this congee in mind.