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Summertime Swag


Vintage fashion need not be unstylish  nor boring. In collaboration with Antique Button Jewellery, Mode Madison is pleased to bring to you the Summertime Swag Editorial. This is how we roll.

Clothing: Mode Madison
Jewellery: Antique Button Jewellery
Styling: Sovanny Vu
Hair & Makeup: Becki White Makeup Artist & GeorgiaFace Hair & Makeup
Babes: Amrita Sharma, Chrisya Sabaru, Erika Moreno & Ting Ting Qian

Inspired by vintage meets cosplay meets street-style


Wearing the ‘In the Tropics’ 1980’s vintage playsuit, $39 // Modelled by Amrita Sharma // Hair & Makeup by Becki White


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Wearing the ‘Gorgeousness’ 1970’s vintage playsuit, $69 // Modelled by Ting Ting // Hair & Makeup by GeorgieFace


<<<<    >>>>

Isn't she a beauty! Chrisya wears the 'Be Daring Playsuit'. Those gorgeous braided hair buns and face done by Becki White Makeup Artist

Wearing the ‘Be Daring’ 1980’s vintage playsuit, $49 // Modelled by Chrisya // Hair & Makeup by Becki White


<<<<    >>>>

Wearing the ‘Mystical’ 1980’s vintage playsuit $39 // Modelled by Erika Moreno // Hair & Makeup by GeorgieFace


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Hello gorgeous

I love love love eating out. Lucky for us, my daughter is well behaved when we dine out so we’ve had the luxury of restaurant meals since she was about 2 weeks old. Now at 2.5 years of age, personality wise, my little girl is all me and absolutely loves to mimic what I do and the clothes that I wear. It’s therefore no surprise that she’s also in a patterned dress like her mama. Before our 6pm reservation, we went for a short walk around the hood as it was still light. Maddie absolutely loves running around the streets and she’s recently started to request that we both hold her hands so she can have a little swing in between the hubby and I. Here are some snaps that we took along the way.

Sovanny x

p.s if you have never been, Hellenic Republic on Lygon Street Brunswick East is a fabulous family friendly restaurant.

Dinner Ready_2014_2Dinner Ready_2014_1Dinner Ready_2014_3Dinner Ready_2014_5

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Hey lovers

Spring is my absolute favourite season of the year. Arguably it has the wettest months but in between we get days that aren’t overly hot, gorgeous sunshine and blooming blossoms that dress the grey streets with colour.

The best part is going out and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces. Isn’t it funny how the sun can turn so many frowns upside down.

Up to our usual on the weekend, the family and I took advantage of the warm weather as much as we could. With that came these gorgeous snaps. The babe and I aren’t wearing anything new and at 6 months pregnant I’m not in a single maternity item except for my belly band. I may have however stretched my clothes.

Thanks for dropping in and hope you love our look.

Sovanny xx


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Hello lovers

In our very gritty neighbourhood, these snaps were taken before we headed out to the rustic Collingwood Childrens Farm. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, it’s not easy taking photographs of the kids hence the kit kat in her little hands. Unnoticeable in the midsts of that red rah rah spotty skirt don’t you think!

It was warmer than usual today so no coat required. Rather, I opted to throw over an oversized vintage vest over my babe. As for me, I’m desperately trying to grow my disgusting hair out so decided to accessorise my outfit with this bling a ching beanie recently scored from Asos. Nothing I’m wearing today is maternity wear and I’ve only managed to fit into my pants thanks to belt extenders I purchased a while back.

Hope you love these photos and thanks for dropping by the blog.

Sovanny xx


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Hello everyone!

When I came across these denim joggers in Zara at the Hong Kong airport, I grabbed them off the rack without even thinking twice. I mean, hello elasticated joggers made from denim!

Easily paired, I decided to tax my husbands top and beanie to create the perfect street/off-duty look. Indeed it’s far more casual than most of the looks on my blog, although I can assure it’s also the most comfortable outfit I’ve sported. I just wish the joggers came in different colours.

Sovanny x


I’m wearing: Denim Joggers by Zara || Mens boyfriend beanie by Asos || Mens sweater by Banana Republic || Hi-top wedges by Asos || Eagle necklace by Asos 

Squirt is wearing: Sweater by Target || Jeans by Target || Sneakers by Vans || Coat by Zara 

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Hello everyone

Since I started blogging, I have rarely taken advantage of the wonderful street art surrounding our Melbourne inner northern suburbs neighbourhood. Noticeably it makes the perfect backdrop for my photographs and compliments my love for vintage and street fashion. If we could afford the luxury of scouting for the perfect site all the time this is what we’d do. For the purposes of convenience however, most of our photographs are taken at home. Luckily for the squirt and I, this cool strip of street art was located along the bike path of a nearby cafe we decided to brunch at over the weekend. I am really keen to show everyone the amazing Melbourne street art scene so here’s to a step closer in making that happen.

Thanks for reading all.

Sovanny x

Art12 Art11 Art10Art6Art7Art3Art1

I’m wearing: Vintage jumper || Vintage leather look studded skirt by Moschino || Boots by Asos || Vintage Bag || Sunglasses from Retrostar Vintage || Snapback from Asos

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Hey all

I started blogging when my daughter was a mere 10 months old. She wasn’t so mobile at that stage so taking photographs without the constant photo bombing just never happened until recently. My little one now loves to step in front of the camera and say ‘cheeese’. At first, I found it a distraction but now, I love it and as you can see we get the opportunity to take some fabulous yet candid mother and daughter snaps.

Featuring Minnie Mouse and a rice cracker

Featuring Minnie Mouse and a rice cracker

Mummy can't have all the fun right?

Mummy can’t have all the fun right?


I think these photographs are so wonderful (biased of course), that I may feature her more often on my blog going forward. What do you think?

My outfit, was all for the Master Chef High Tea experience at Crown Entertainment Centre yesterday. The sun was shining so it only felt appropriate to be wearing something with so much colour. I was also quite excited about giving this skirt a whirl for the first time. It was an impulse buy about 3 years ago and after I bought it, I fell pregnant so there you go. Excuses aside, buying clothes but not necessarily wearing them was an old habit of mine and thank goodness I have kicked it to the curb by committing to my new years resolution.

My blog does feature quite a few maxi skirt meets hi-tops looks as seen here and here. The sneakers are mostly for comfort and height (so perfect, it avoids having my skirt dragged along the floor) but I also love that it screams feminine meets street style when paired with a skirt.

Outfit Breakdown (All items are old)
Skirt by Finders Keepers | Top from Anthropologie | Hi-tops by Topshop | Bag by Diane Von Furstenberg

Thanks for reading and enjoy the week ahead.

Sovanny x