Earlier this year, I came across an Instagram account @notsomumsy, run by the fabulous Marcia Leone. The account name itself is unique and to the point. My curiosity then led me to browse through her incredibly uniform and stylish feed which regularly features her gorgeous toddler. What roped me in however was Marcia’s ’20 Facts’ post. After reading this heart felt post, I couldn’t help but feel inspired. Inspired might even be an understatement.

This gorgeous girl also runs a blog which is a little hub for cool kids and modern mamas and recently as part of her collaboration with Elke Magazine, she featured some of Mode Madisons vintage dresses. Won’t you check out how stunning she looks.

Sovanny xx


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Hey hey it’s hump day!

The weather is so good over here in Melbourne and good weather comes with good moods and less clothing.

Aside from the wonderful weather, I have loved plucking out a whole lot of items out of my wardrobe that I haven’t worn for a very long time. There’s that same excitement of having a new item to wear.

On the blog today let’s give a warm welcome to this pretty little dress and cute bow bag from circa long time ago.

Thanks for reading everyone and I can’t wait to show you all the other ways I plan to wear these items.


Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Dress by Diana Ferrari | Bag by Zara | Shoes by Joanne Mercer


When you haven’t hit the shops to purchase any new clothes in the last 6 months you start to blend in your summer and winter wardrobe. So if this outfit looks a little confused to you that’s the only excuse I have to offer aside from the fact that I love to experiment with the clothes I own.

Today’s outfit combination just works for me. Not because of the way it makes me look but more because of the way it makes me feel. The satisfaction of making the most of all my clothes and not caring about the weather or if the look I bring forward is in fashion or not.

Outfit breakdown (All items are old)
Floral maxi dress| Black biker jacker| Black lace up booties| Vintage 70’s handbag

Thanks for reading all and enjoy the weekend.


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Hello lovelies

Firstly sorry about the quality of these photos. It was cold and dark this morning so the lighting didn’t quite work in our favour. Nevertheless, hubs who takes all my pictures tried his best using my mobile phone. Truth be told like most bloggers, we do have a pro camera but it’s just so much more convenient to use my phone for all the photos.

Today’s smart casual look was layered with one of a few trench coats I own. I love the colour of this coat, the fact that it’s lightweight enough to feel comfortable on, large enough to layer, and thick enough to keep me warm.

It works really well with that Burberry bag too don’t you think? Not to mention the lasercut top that I am completely obsessed with at the moment.

Thanks for reading.



Many years ago I was reading the Vogue shopping blog at work and found out through a million other shoppaholics that there was an Alice McCall sale happening right next door. I hurried over to the sale and grabbed just about everything that I thought I’d fit into. That’s right I was so excited about getting my hands on these hot pieces that I didn’t even bother to try them on and just zipped my credit card through at the counter. I  am proud to say I still have all these items and will never ever grow tired of them. Today’s hot hypnotic dress included.

I have worn this number pre, during and post pregnancy and manage to get compliments every time. It definitely is a blessing to have lost the 20+ kilos I gained during my pregnancy. Credits to genetics!

Moral of this story. Don’t ditch the items you love and feel good about the body you’re in! It’s saved me from having to buy any new clothes these last 5 months.

Oufit breakdown (All items are old)
Dress by Alice McCall | Green Coat | Pumps by Zara | Vintage bag

Have a lovely night and thanks for reading this post.



If you aren’t quite into fur for animal cruelty reasons there’s always the faux fur option.

Today I’ve sported just that. A red faux fur gillet purchased from a few seasons a go. It’s a wardrobe item favourite and certainly a show stopper.

A gillet is quite versatile. I have coupled this gillet with dresses, jumpsuits and denim shorts. Just throw it over the top.

Thanks for stopping by.



My last day of the working week! If you can’t already tell by the pictures. I am absolutely exhausted. Todays outfit is an attempt to pull off an outfit with some clashing patterns. I am sure I can do better with the items in my wardrobe, however it’s a start.

Thanks for reading x

Outfit breakdown
Uneven midi skirt by Forever New (similar cut here and here) | Green floral top by Anthropologie | Bag by Burberry | Leopard print booties by Asos
Brown chucky snood