Hello October

So far, the weather has been absolutely amazing! Forget spring, it feels like Summer. With the changes in season and festivities with got a range of gorgeous vintage items for you and they will all be hitting Lost and Found Market Brunswick East this month.

I’m so excited by all this fabulousness and hope that you will all love it as well.

Curated with love,

Sovanny x


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Mode Madison stocks an endless supply of vintage dresses. Some that have yet to appear online or at Lost and Found Market.

Take this one for example lovers. A beautiful floral number that I felt would be perfect as part of the A|W collection.

The dress is comfortable, girly and a little punk if you will when styled with an edgy pair of platform boots.

I’m making it available from next weekend at Lost and Found Market folks.

Sovanny xx


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Hey lovers

It was quite the productive weekend as I somehow managed to squeeze in shoots for 3 separate outfits.

This one in particular was my favourite. Who knew that a coke uniform shirt and yellow lens aviators could look so badass right?!. My husband once again disapproves of this outfit and almost always never understands when I try a new pose. Nevertheless he takes the pictures and damn fine images may I add. I love his work.

Now lets talk about soft drinks. I’m usuall not one to drink it however when I got pregnant with my second child last year I developed this crazy craving for it. Especially ginger beer. Six months post birth I haven’t managed to kick the habit. At least with the new stevia coke I feel a teeny weeny bit healthier. Tastes really good too.

Shirt and aviators will be available at Lost and Found Market, Brunswick this weekend peeps.

Sov xx


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Hey lovers

Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with My Boutique, an online store owned and operated by local Victorian Dani. My Boutique was founded in 2010 and stocks deliciously fashionable clothing, jewellery, accessories and homewares. The best part is, nothing is over $100 so it’s all absolutely affordable.


Through styling some of their current season pieces, I also had the honour of getting to know a little more about Dani, her online store and where she draws her inspiration from.

In three words, describe yourself

Passionate, ambitious, positive.

Tell us about My Boutique and the inspiration behind creating your own online business

I’ve always loved fashion but never thought I’d end up in the fashion industry. My parents run their own business and I’ve always learnt good business practice and buying skills through them. My business started as hobby but over the past year it is quickly becoming more than that! Online seemed like the way to go as I was (and still am) working full time when I started My Boutique – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are some of your most popular/favourite pieces in the My Boutique collection?

My most popular and favourite would have to be my Harper skirts. They are the perfect mid-length skirt that is flattering on anyone. I love the Onyx print the best and it seems my customers do too!

Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

Everywhere! My travels, Instagram, my friends and basically anywhere I go. I’ll see a cute style of clothing or a colour that pops out at you and I create it into my own flavour.

Can you give us a little insight into what we can expect as part if the AW collection?

My Boutique won’t be doing an AW collection this year. There are even bigger and better things coming for Spring/Summer so I’m trying to utilise the break over the cooler months to prepare myself for another expansion of My Boutique. Watch this space.

Do you have any advice for those who want to start their own business?

Keep at it. There’s going to be times where you make little to no money and things can seem like they’re getting nowhere. All you need is passion and patience and everything else will follow.


Playsuits and jumpsuits are a great summer staple and then there’s this amazing laser cut clutch which comes in an array of gorgeous colours and designs. Both from My Boutique which I’ve decidedly styled with a biker jacket, platform boots and hair bow for that edgy retro feel. Head over to to shop their collection.


I’m wearing: Juliet jumpsuit and Cassie clutch from My Boutique || Shoes from Asos || Old leopard print scarf || Sunglasses from Retrostar Vintage || Biker jacket from Ebay

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Summertime Swag


Vintage fashion need not be unstylish  nor boring. In collaboration with Antique Button Jewellery, Mode Madison is pleased to bring to you the Summertime Swag Editorial. This is how we roll.

Clothing: Mode Madison
Jewellery: Antique Button Jewellery
Styling: Sovanny Vu
Hair & Makeup: Becki White Makeup Artist & GeorgiaFace Hair & Makeup
Babes: Amrita Sharma, Chrisya Sabaru, Erika Moreno & Ting Ting Qian

Inspired by vintage meets cosplay meets street-style


Wearing the ‘In the Tropics’ 1980’s vintage playsuit, $39 // Modelled by Amrita Sharma // Hair & Makeup by Becki White


<<<<    >>>>

Wearing the ‘Gorgeousness’ 1970’s vintage playsuit, $69 // Modelled by Ting Ting // Hair & Makeup by GeorgieFace


<<<<    >>>>

Isn't she a beauty! Chrisya wears the 'Be Daring Playsuit'. Those gorgeous braided hair buns and face done by Becki White Makeup Artist

Wearing the ‘Be Daring’ 1980’s vintage playsuit, $49 // Modelled by Chrisya // Hair & Makeup by Becki White


<<<<    >>>>

Wearing the ‘Mystical’ 1980’s vintage playsuit $39 // Modelled by Erika Moreno // Hair & Makeup by GeorgieFace


<<<<    >>>>


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Photographer: Lynda Nguyen, Lindy Lu Photography
Model & stylist: Sovanny Vu, Mode Madison
Photoshoot inspired by: Alice in Wonderland


Hello lovers

These images were taken back in February this year. I’ve held myself from posting them, simply because I was waiting for the right moment and the right moment is now.

At the time my girlfriend and photographer had a chat with me about wanting to do an Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot. Sounded interesting of course and funny enough the concept really resonated with how I felt at that time in my life. I remember feeling content but wanting to do more. I remember having everything going for me but wanting to escape reality. Lucky for me, I was heading on holidays with the family shortly after these images were taken. It was this trip overseas that allowed me to re-evaluate my life and come back with a fresh perspective.

When I returned from the trip, my corporate job was up in the air and just as well it was because it was an opportunity for me to leave and pursue what I wanted and rather than escape reality, really live in the moment and be completely happy with the work I was doing. Since leaving my desk job in late May, everyday feels like a blessing. In these 2 or so months, I have managed to work full-time from home to get my online store Mode Madison up and running. I won’t lie, it has been long hours. I literally working day and night but at the same time, I do get to spend more time with my daughter, work with interesting people and utilise those creative skills that have been buried in a cave for years.

My store name was inspired by my love for fashion and my daughter Madison hence the name Mode Madison. Offering a collection of vintage and pre-loved items, the store is all about Style that Lasts. Coming from someone that didn’t shop for an entire year, I really do believe that you don’t have to be wearing brand new clothes to look hot and trendy.

Thank you so much for reading all,


AIW_2014_1 AIW_2014_2 AIW_2014_3 AIW_2014_4 AIW_2014_5 AIW_2014_6 AIW_2014_7

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Hello everyone

Without giving away too much, I have been working with local photographers, makeup artists, models and retailers as the fashion stylist to bring forward a gorgeous vintage themed spring racing campaign.

Due to launch in late July I wanted to share with you a behind the scenes preview.

Set in a warehouse conversion, this photoshoot reminds me so much of Mad Men. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by.

Sovanny x


Credits to :: Sovanny Vu, Mode Madison, Stylist and concept design | Taran Jensen, Sore Eyelids Photography, Photographer | Cynthia DJaya, Cynthia Willis Makeup Artist, Hair and Makeup Artist | Models, Claire Radbourne & Erika Moreno

Wardrobe collaborators :: Garments, Mode Madison | Jewellery, White November Jewellery | Hats, The Eternal Headonist | Bags and shoes, Martin Fella Vintage

Props :: Gorgeous duo Kara and Sandy

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