Hello gorgeous

Thanks for visiting my blog. Tonight I wanted to write about one of my favourite Khmer dishes – Lort Char which is basically stir fried rice drop noodles.

I have veganised this dish and substituted meat with tofu, however for all the meat lovers out there, its frequently cooked with either chicken, prawns and/or eggs. For my darling husband, who adores this dish and is a meat eater, I would normally pop some chicken in the oven and serve it on the side for him.

Whats in the dish?

1 packet of rice drop noodles – found in Asian grocers
1 bunch of chives
Spring onions
1 packet of Bean shoots
1 packet of tofu
Tamari/Soy sauce
Agave nectar (or sugar)

The simple instructions

1. Prepare and set aside some finely chopped up some garlic and ginger. Then wash the chives and spring onions, cut into match stick length and also set aside. Wash and drain the bean shoots and finally, drain your pack of tofu and dice.

2. Once you have prepared the ingredients, bring a pot of water to boil. When the water begins to boil, add in your packet of rice drop noodles for maximum 5 minutes and then drain. You don’t want to overcook the noodles.

3. Heat up the pan with some olive oil and add in your garlic and ginger. Stir until lightly brown.

4. Turn down the heat, and add in the tofu, noodles, chives and spring onions, half a table spoon of pepper, half a cup of tamari (give or take) and a dash of agave nectar and then stir all the ingredients together.

5. Once all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed in together, and the chives begin to look soft, stir in the bean shoots and cover the pan/pot for a few minutes on low heat until the bean shoots become lightly cooked.

This dish is now complete and ready to eat. So very easy and absolutely delightful.

Thanks for reading and I do hope these instructions are easy to follow. Happy to answer any questions you have otherwise.

Have a lovely night. x